Whaley's mods: Big Buildings, River Buildings, & Seedy Locations


The OG Whaley has been releasing a few mods on reddit recently:

  • Big Buildings, with a giant stadium & zoo, plus a new zoo start scenario.
  • River Buildings, which makes exploring rivers way cooler.
  • Seedy Spots, to grub up the city a bit, if you were thinking that your post-cataclysm cities were just a little too clean.

I’ve been playing with the Seedy Spots & Big Buildings mods in my latest game and they’re awesome :slight_smile:




I’ve posted a message on the Reddit as the Big River Buildings download link isn’t working, and that’s the one I want to play with… :smiley:


Just in case anyone wants to get hold of the Big River Buildings Pack, Whaley has kindly replaced the link.

It can now be found here:



This looks pretty cool, looking forward to playing with the riverside buildings.:smile:

I really like playing as a fish mutant, but until now the map has felt lacking in river / riverside content. So this is great for what I have in plan for the next run. :sunny:

I actually tried to address this myself by adding stationary ships (water buildings) to the map; but I am having a bit of trouble making the building spawn on deep water (i.e. a central “river” tile), rather than on the riverbanks. It there a way to do this?

I tried defining my own “overmap_special_location”, using only the “river_center” terrain; but it hasn’t worked out so far :thinking:


Ayyyyy, thanks for postin’ these here. I 100% forgot to.