Whaley's mods: Big Buildings, River Buildings, & Seedy Locations

The OG Whaley has been releasing a few mods on reddit recently:

  • Big Buildings, with a giant stadium & zoo, plus a new zoo start scenario.
  • River Buildings, which makes exploring rivers way cooler.
  • Seedy Spots, to grub up the city a bit, if you were thinking that your post-cataclysm cities were just a little too clean.

I’ve been playing with the Seedy Spots & Big Buildings mods in my latest game and they’re awesome :slight_smile:



I’ve posted a message on the Reddit as the Big River Buildings download link isn’t working, and that’s the one I want to play with… :smiley:

Just in case anyone wants to get hold of the Big River Buildings Pack, Whaley has kindly replaced the link.

It can now be found here:


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This looks pretty cool, looking forward to playing with the riverside buildings.:smile:

I really like playing as a fish mutant, but until now the map has felt lacking in river / riverside content. So this is great for what I have in plan for the next run. :sunny:

I actually tried to address this myself by adding stationary ships (water buildings) to the map; but I am having a bit of trouble making the building spawn on deep water (i.e. a central “river” tile), rather than on the riverbanks. It there a way to do this?

I tried defining my own “overmap_special_location”, using only the “river_center” terrain; but it hasn’t worked out so far :thinking:

Ayyyyy, thanks for postin’ these here. I 100% forgot to.

Hi guys,

so these have now been mainlined, which is great, but I have a question.

Can I now remove the mods from my game, and let the mainlined versions take over, or will that screw my save up? I have a derelict barn and a riverside residence, both of which are from these mods, in my starting area, so wil these go crasy if I take the Seedy Locations and Big River Buildings pack out of my mod load-order?

Edit - Actaully, not sure where the derelict barn is from, but it’s cool anyway, as I found some awesome gear nearby… :smiley:

The question still stands though…

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I had his more buildings mod in and when I updated it wouldn’t load the game, to fix it I had to remove the mod from my folder and then update. So I would do the same for his other mods.

Thanks. I’ll give that a go…

Hey, I can’t find a working download link for seedy locations, pls help!

This was merged into the main game, as with all of Whaley’s other location mods other than the one with Aliens.

So you’d already be using them anyway and adding them wouldn’t make a difference :stuck_out_tongue:

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Oh, that’s really great to hear! I love it when great mods get mainlined.