[SPOILERS] Urban Development

This thread is for feedback, bug reports, and building requests associated with the urban development project. https://github.com/CleverRaven/Cataclysm-DDA/issues/21488
The below images have the json number listed for reference.

The suburbs

The City

Block 1
Left to right, top to bottom
(2x2) Police station, movie Theater & office, house & Bank, (2x2) fire station
(2x2) Police station, house & apt & house, salon & low income apt, (2x2) fire station

Block 2
(2x2) Hotel tower, apt & diner, clothing store & subway & jewlrey store, (2x2) school
(2x2) Hotel tower, apt & Quick-e-Mart & to go food, club & house, (2x2) school

Block 3
(2x2) Projects, Laundry & ouside cafe & nice clothing store, row houses, (2x2) hospital
(2x2) Projects, bar & hardware sore & house, farmers market & subway & newspaper store, (2x2) hospital

Block 4
(2x2) bee infested office, orphanage & electronics store, garage & condos, (2x2) transit station
(2x2) bee infested office, pharmacy & candy store & brewery restaurant, gym & crack house, (2x2) transit station

That’s 48/50 buildings drawn, items and monster spawns are still a few days out. Last two (2x2) buildings and their infestations are up for discussion then we’ll do a poll for winner
Building ideas:
public library
parking garage
health department
city hall
duplicate existing buildings are cool too

Monster infestation ideas:
military robots
bees (already done)
other insects
other nethers

Smaller buildings and home ideas are always welcome, referencing a picture through google is even better.


Furniture store and an alt version with a triffid “dungeon” that starts at z-1, two of the different styles of corn farm.

Dairy, chicken, an abandoned farm, and a crayfish fishery (this is more of a southern industry but we don’t have enough varieties of monster fish to make two interesting)

Actual fishery, alt corn farm, alt dairy, and a turkey farm (adds white domestic turkeys that are clipped so they don’t all fly away).

A more traditional “lab” this is a basic bio/chem lab that has been converted to study with these emerging species. Not an end of the world/super science/dimensional/CBM lab. SWAT “lab”, really just a robotic swat/police bot depot. Like the zoo lab, it offers early/mid game access to a lab like experience. To get into either, some metal doors are pickable… or just run a truck through the wall. A big house to see how I liked making 2x2 houses as opposed to 2x1… meh. Fish cannery, I haven’t seen a way to spawn items with old/rotten items or fish corpses.

Vegetable cannery, same problem with not being able to add old items (figured I’d make all cans prior to pasteurization rotten if I could) most of it is on z-1. Looking at throwing a roach dungeon under it also. Paper mill, maple tree farm, and pig and potato farm.

Glass recycling, plastic recycling, concrete factory, and boot factory. The boot factory has a basement that would be nice to extend into a dungeon but would would be in there, cultists?

Distribution depo with large quantities of items that are only really useful when you find one. Who wants 10 teapots? Spring factory, probably the least useful of the factories for a survivor but every one can’t be a pinata. The casino is fairly looted and occupied by NPCs on the third floor it will function as a trading ground for different factions. Plan is to get triangle trade quests between the refugee center, ranch commune, and casino.

The second Urban Development mod sets occurrences for all buildings to 0 and instead puts them all in a single overmap special. This is a temporary stop-gap till the actual city code get implemented. I know Coolthulhu made good progress towards it but I imagine, like myself, other things are always coming up.

I’ll drop the buildings (-NPCs) up to 75 on github in the next few days so you can check everything out.

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This shit is bananas, excellent work!

I am so psyched to see this. Thank you so much for everything you do acidia.

(That is: The Necropolis, the mall, the refugee center and all the quests, prisons, office towers, schools, the new national guard camp and way more. Acidia freaking rules.)

I just found the huge camp myself, wasn’t able to break in unfortunately

Was just browsing around and saw this, Awesome Stuff!

OMG, no more holding up just in a church or mansion! Damn great work.

I vote for making an in-game acidia bronze statue.

these statues should be put to center of all the multi-overmap buildings

Is this a mod or main game content?

Eventual main game content is the best way to explain it. No reason to build the code infastructure for cities if there aren’t going to be enough buildings to make use of it. Can’t drop everything in one update because it would be too much to sort through all at once. The building portion can be tested easily enough as a mod.

Cool, the way cities are set up has been on of the most immersion breaking aspects of the game for me, I can’t wait to see more sensible cities.

Like where is the infrastructure, side walks, fire hydrants, lamp posts, more than two lane roads, highways, etc.

I love the buildings though they look great. Can’t wait to see them in game.

That line one error that is getting int he way of adding the mod is absolutely mystifying to me, being 100% unfamiliar with whatever linting is. I know it’s getting in the way, and that it’s only in the modinfo.json. So. If I got my hands on the files, and stuffed them in the appropriate places in the main json folder… Would that work? (I’m still trying to find out how to grab them without copy/pasting from github and manually removing thousands of +'s)

One can download raw files from the github:


So I see this is now in the launcher, and am excited to test it out. Will this work alongside the Extra Buildings modpack, or would I need to disable that one when enabling this

Give it a shot, because the entire pack of 50 buildings exceeds the max number of allowed specials I sent all of the build occurances to a min of 1. If the other packs have a min occurances for the building as 0, Then those might be dropped. You’ll see a debug msg at world creation letting you know of this is happening. Shouldn’t though since only 10/50 buildings have been merged.

OK yeah I did actually add them both to my current run earlier, and did not get any errors. I haven’t traveled very far from the EVAC shelter yet to explore much yet though.


It’s been a while since I’ve contributed, and while I’m a mediocre coder, let me know if you want any help with boring JSON bits or anything. This looks awesome!

This is damn good, I’ll install this mod next time I make a new world.

I don’t like the top half of Police 31. Far too many angles, very maze like, doesn’t feel as square as the other buildings in the game. Especially the interrogation cell (?) smack in the middle of the top half of the building - that makes things feel very cramped and awkward.

I know it’s probably a very realistic layout based on a real building, but real buildings don’t always translate 1x1 into cdda very well. Other than that, I can’t think of anything else to nitpick.

Pushed the pr with the police station yesterday, let me know if you still don’t like it. Much of it is intentionally convoluted on the first floor but there are essentially two air locks to separate the jail from the offices. Evidence is 2nd floor north, crime lab is 3rd center, and armory is hiddened -1 south east.