Building mods that were mainlined?

I noticed some of the building I thought were from mods are now in the main game. Does anyone know which mods or buildings were mainlined in the last year or so?
I thought storage units, art gallery, and dispensary were from a mod, but I did not add any building mods in this current run I am doing, but they are still in, which is why I ask.

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I keep thinking I’m going to start doing some research and restart this kind of post/topic to maintain the “current status” of mods as a resource to new and returning players:

It seems like enough of us are not sure what’s in, what’s out, what’s been depreciated, etc. to make it worth-while to compile this. Maybe this kind of thing gets done every year or so… :wink:

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What was mainlined:

What was not mainlined:

  • Small town buildings were mainlined without pet_store and zoo due to troubles with monster spawn groups. It is very likely I will add these two buildings later;
  • There are only three variants of mansion overmap specials, which do not utilize all of the added overmap terrains.


I am also interested in mainlining some parts of Overmap Rebalancing - Overmap Rebalancing - Update (2016-11-29).

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Awesome and very informative. I definitely appreciate the work you put in! :grin:

I encourage you to do so, if you have the time. I no longer have a pc nor the time to keep up with things to maintain my list. If you need my permission to take over the list, you have it.
I miss spending time on the site chatting n puzzling out ways to bring old mods back for a version or two. Have fun!

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Yeah that would be awesome of you Beetlecat, I know I would reference the list quite often.

Ah! Thank you for this summary.

It looks like I’m slightly out-of-date since I’m still using Small Town Building Pack (I have a Zoo in my current world) – I’m assuming the mod just overrides/supplants any duplicate entities in the mainline code?

Thats my guess, removing mods for testing.
Still wondering if anyone is keeping better track of such things.