Extra Buildings (Updated on 2017-07-02)

Mod description:

This mod is a compilation of several buildings mods.

Mods used:

Small Town Building Pack by Whaley
Parks and Recreation Building Pack V1.0 by Whaley
Extended Buildings (V1.0) - BAD MOON RISING by Whaley
More Locations by Sunshine
Tall Buildings by Sunshine
Mansion Upgrade Project by egomassive
More City Locations by norganon

Changelog and download links:

2017-07-02 - Release 3 - Latest version

[ul][li]Added shops from More City Locations.[/li][/ul]

2017-05-28 - Release 2 - Release 2

[ul][li]Added mansions from Mansion Upgrade Project.[/li][/ul]

2017-05-18 - Initial release - Initial release

[ul][li]Combined 5 buildings mods into single mod.[/li][/ul]

The More Locations and Tall buildings mods, are they the same ones that already come with the game?

Yes, both are the same shipped with the game.

Cool thanks, I’ll just exclude them from my normal mod list then when I install this.

Well I just died last night in my current game, and one of my longest, the day before spring of year 3 on default world/spawn settings :(. On the plus side I’ve been wanting to try this out, so am going to download and give it a go today when I start a new game. I have tried some of the ones that come with the launcher, and been mixing and matching them, but have been wanting to give the Mansion Upgrade Project a try, and this is very nicely bundled together. Thanks!

I’m getting an error when trying to start my save game, or a new game with this installed. https://imgur.com/a/68cy3

Is there anyway to fix it so I can continue my game? I updated from 6851 to 6872 last night and that is when I started getting the error.

Braziers are now furniture, not traps - https://github.com/CleverRaven/Cataclysm-DDA/pull/21321

You can revert game to previous version to play your savegame or replace all occurences of

"traps": "tr_brazier"


"furniture": "f_brazier"

in these files:


Cool thanks.

Yep that got it working again… thanks!

How about this error “https://imgur.com/a/q0Nzc”? I can ignore and play fine. So no biggie if nothing to do about it. I’ve also set all occurrences for upgraded buildings mod to 0,1…(not sure if relevant, because it’s EB not UB) to fix “too many over map specials 90>72” error. I may have messed with the occurrences in this mod (EB) overmapspecials.json earlier in my run, as well, but I have since replaced it with the original. So maybe that could have something to do with it.