Weather changes

so some ideas for new weather.
fog/mist a fog or light mist form and limits vision. this affects everything robot zombie and player,etc. hearing is unaffected but smell is lowered with all the water in the air. also cools you down a bit but not as much as rain.

thunderstorms. know i don’t recall if they are in the game so going to talk about them anyway. works like a heavy storm but with lighting of course. lighting will strike at random tho metal will be more likely to be hit. very bad for robots when your in the area since they are likely to be hit. tho most militray turrets will be harden from them so not going to work there but more civilian turrets will be disabled.

hail. large chunks of ice started falling come in light normal and heavy. heavy will damage normal glass and wooden builds (cars or otherwise) and solar panels but only a little on solar panels. metal and stone builds are fine and will take no damage. also will harm players and monster. robots are unaffected.

flood. !NOTICE! this should only be added when the option to build player made buildings upwards. (aka go from floor 1 to floor 2 etc) a large amount of water comes in after a large amount of rain. while this will not affect areas outside the players area( to keep the water from screwing unlooted places) it will clear out most mobs for a few days but also can screw your farms and first floor builds without protection


Interesting ideas…

Would love the fog.

Thunderstorms are in game all ready.

Hail… Maybe.

Flood i would want to turn off.

like i said i forgot if thunderstrom were in and flood would only happen after you get ways to counter it. and would clear out the area for a few days with out doing anything to the loot

Just a suggestion. Floods typically takes days to clear and happen mostly near bodies of water or a low point. But to me it sounds like a flash flood which lasts a few hours and comes from heavy rain and is worse on a decline.

i did say the flood was from heavy rain. the no damage to loot idea is mostly to keep floods from screwing areas the player has yet to loot. also why i added that it should only be added after the game lets player build stories up and down since i would say it floods down but only affect level 0(base) and lower aka mined basements and such but not second stories buildings and such

Still the damage this has is HEAVILY dependent on where your housing is. And what kind it is. A full on flood can wipe out houses as can a large flash flood.

ok that makes sense how about like a marker can not happen untill a set number of days after spawn of the world’s first character. and ways to counter it like flood breakers

Should be noted we don’t actually get flooding to the degree you would suggest. We have a lot of mountain area and hills mate. While we have many who own homes have their basement flood. This is just $h!tty architecture and bad land management and not an area thing. Boston gets floods though. Along the coast and they sell land that is prone to flooding. But this is because the land owners are dumping onto the market to a lot of fools who do not know the area is garbage land.

ok i still think it could happen bad rainstorm have caused it before

I won’t say we’ve never had floods round here. But…well. Nothing to bad that I’ve ever heard of in the entire region.

If you wanted to make flooding happen in basements. That would be peachy. This happens all the time lol

My ex had her parents house get flooded up to waste deep. My cousin had the same thing happen in his house. I lived in one apartment complex where it flooded too. Thankfully I was smart enough to put everything stacked high on skids when most other didn’t xD

So many hilly areas that mass flooding doesn’t turn into a thing.

im more talking the players area might flood not the whole regen just their location and that to even out the affect the area would be clean of things like zombies for a few days as well. loot would not be damged just so it does not screw over areas the player has yet to loot

Bud. I live in new England too. Floods do still happen here especially in low areas. One of the towns I used to live had a low point in the road which would flood something terrible would stop traffic it was so deep. My grandfather’s field would also flood in the spring and it would spread up to the house if it was bad enough some times to actually spread up to the house and I remember one time it was so bad it was up to the porch and then some. But then again it was a low land. But flash floods can happen regardless of terrain as they happen due to heavy rain fall and not so much from pooled water.

I was thinking of national guard needed to evacuate people flooding. Doesn’t happen like that. Flooding a parking lot or something small occasionally does.

Most places don’t flood though. I can think of a few farm areas with a swamp or pond nearby that fill a few spots…but nothing major. Haven’t seen to many road ways flood either. Seven times maybe from boston to vermont in 30 or so years off hand.

I only talking about a low level flood. i have seen floods that go up at least two stories but i only talking one story and and basements since water would flow their

I understand. This is also what I was talking about. We don’t get that sort of flooding that people need to climb up to a roof in order to escape it. It just doesn’t happen in the region. =/

eh its a game we can have a little suspension of disbelief

Completely agree with you on this. I would like this as an option. Just not default. Nothing wrong with debating mate. =)

fair point and i was saying that it should only happen after a time. let the player build something to survive and all

Add this to the Boat mod. Would be great to have to find a boat or raft come the rain season :wink:


I think the real meat of this idea would be if we had elevation in the land. Which we don’t. Yet.