Weather changes

I’m pro-fog.

I don’t know how I feel about flooding as a weather effect, given the geographical location. I think weather effects should be ‘typically experienced weather’ with more severe weather effects being sufficiently rare or not implemented at all. But then again, how common are salt-water swamps in New England? Hell if I know.

However, I do think there should be more flooded locations. Basements in certain locations will always be prone to flooding. Additionally, sprinkler systems will ruin entire skyscrapers if they’re not properly turned off. I don’t think it should be an extension of the weather, but I do think there should be more flooded locations.

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I don’t think sprinklers will destroy a building in a matter of weeks. Also I think New England may have had some face works as there are ZERO mountains in the entire game area. So hills aren’t really there either as such according to what maps are in the game New England was flattened some how. So in theory flooding is entirely possible but it would be hard especially with storm drains and the like and the standard city flood prevention systems like troughs carved in the sides of some roads to funnel water. Also kinda off topic but I’m pretty sure 3 years are the roads are so broken your might as well drive off of them due to Maine’s weather (can’t speak for the other states in this area as I’ve only briefly been in them and mostly just passed right through them).

I actually didn’t mean it would ‘destroy the building’. I was thinking more like, you know, clothes get the FILTHY flag, electronics get ruined, there are more insect spawns as a result of rotting furniture, etc.

Without human intervention, a sprinkler system would just keep running as long as it’s able to. This would create flooding in some capacity. I don’t mean waist-deep water on every floor, I just meant the aftermath of a building being exposed to large amounts of water and gravity.

Well most utilities continue for about a month, at most after that they flicker and after 6 months to a year they will fail completely without human interaction or intervention this depends on location typical. Which typically means those sprinklers will fail quickly. Project Zomboid simulates this nicely. But slot of machinery in the cataclysm should work completely for awhile.

That is a bit tricky now. Especially to simulate. That blizzard we had a few years ago knocked out power for a week and a lot longer in other areas. Most utilities run off electricity. So water pressure shuts down if the damage is severe. Plus the water can be poisoned by too much crap entering into the system and that becomes a hazard even if it is still active.

MANNnnnnnny things could go wrong…always fun to brain storm though. I totally dig this about this game and others. Especially chilling with others on such topics.

so while the idea of a weather flood is iffy the idea of a flooded building from damaged water systems has potential

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I think at worst if you do add flooding I’d think it would end up kinda like the dust bowl in the Midwest which happened due to poor “terraforming” by which I mean they changed the landscape so they could farm better but made it huge wind farm instead. I think something similar happened to New England with the mountains as you encounter none (I know it’s just a lack of setup and background stuff to make it work). Which would imply that humanity or the horrible demonic things we let out leveled the mountains.

Yup. In a nutshell. Basements for some reason are to this day. A crap shoot and nobody has made improvements in 50 years. One would think that a simple thing as keeping out water would be something on the to do list and make a ton of money. But, nope. Happens all the time.


A french drain would be a good way to help avoid a flooded basement. But in a city this would prove a pain in the ass. Unless you converted a driveway and directed it to the sewer…assuming the sewer didn’t flood…which happens >_>