Extreme weather?

We’ve already got Acid Rain that eats away at items but for some reason I can’t help but feel like that’s not quite good enough…

Rain that accumulates on the ground, mayhaps some floods? Contaminate food left out, fill/refill toilets and sinks, Make driving especially difficult? Acid variant destroys some less reinforced buildings, does damage to vehicles, acid flooding just downright bad.

High Winds:
Driving issues in larger vehicles, knock down trees, knock over smaller structures, maybe increased cold penalties?

(…“Blowout” might be more appropriate a term but that’d require a centralized radioactive dust source…?) Increased radiation while outside and not wearing protective coverage

Fireball impacts, Blood-rain? low-level nether-creatures spawn? possible nether attention repercusion? Morale penalties?

I’ve yet to see sand by mayhaps loose dirt? Perception penalties, morale penalties, Laser-based weaponry becomes useless?

Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Tropical Storms:
Not exactly “common” but (Hell, I’m not even sure they’re at all possible) felt they deserved mentions…


You have my internetz.

Love the way you think

You know what would be cool? Meteor swarms. They can start up after a month or so of game time, to give players a fighting chance. You can hear about them slightly in advance via radio broadcasts, or track them from an observatory with a high enough computer skill.

When a meteor hits, it leaves a crater, accompanied by either radiation, or swarms of alien life that hitched a ride (Or alien ghosts, if I really feel like ripping off the Final Fantasy movie). Surviving an impact isn’t really an option, so preparation and forewarning are your only options. I think this reinforces the “survival” theme of the game quite well. It forces players to adapt strategies other than combat, and over time, multiple impacts can encourage players to roam farther afield.

I don’t think any amount of preparation time can justify randomly murdering the player in a massive explosion. Maybe if the meteors could strike nearby but not on the same overmap tile as the player it could work.

Radioactive wind storms get my vote.

this would be fun. how about storms that can damage buildings? so you have to build a stronger shelter ?

People rarely seem to survive long enough into the winters but do we have a blizzard weather pattern?

As a CNY resident I think it’s a must that others experience the wonders of lake-effect.

Snow accumulation on the ground slows everything, vehicles slide all over the place and are useless if you aren’t digging out paths for them. Perfect time to implement that plow add-on we mentioned in the other thread though.

Ice storms too. These are much more directly damaging to the player/mobs. Jagged icicles everywhere make great impromptu weapons/hazards. etc. etc.

That’s kinda what I was thinking of with the extreme weather, but then it occurred to me that my many 12-ton vehicles probably wouldn’t be immune to the effects of some of these storms XD I’d figure that Labs and Military Bunkers would be strong enough to survive assorted storms but neither features garages (Which could be useful since so far I think you can only find Military Transport Trucks in Hazardous Waste Sarcophaguses, no idea where Bubble Cars can be found but some kind of lab/garage seems like an appropriate place.)

Crystal Storms:
Weather conditions that make objects within the effected area begin to crystallize - stationary objects can get fused to each other, critters slow down as the crystals form. Crystal effect fades over time.

Extreme weather sounds Cataclysm kind of fun.

How this could be added to the lore? I mean, radioactive storms are plausible in the world?

Hellstorms could be, near portals and maybe, when making certain lore goals in labs or something.

Magnetic Anamoly:

A localized weather pattern where metal objects get charged and begin to either attract or repulse eachother at random, or form little metal dust devils full of shredding metal bits and dust that threaten to rip the player to shreds if he approaches.

Wearing natural fibers? Sure you’re cool don’t worry about it.

Kitted out in your steel and kevlar survivor suit, or powered armor? Better start running from these things!

[quote=“StopSignal, post:11, topic:3344”]How this could be added to the lore? I mean, radioactive storms are plausible in the world?

Hellstorms could be, near portals and maybe, when making certain lore goals in labs or something.[/quote]

The blowout concept is something from a combination of STALKER and the Sarcophagus, should the current concrete dome over the CNPP collapse, the highly radioactive dust inside would be blown out and release the contents. …Though in STALKER they added this psyonic BS that went along with the game’s lore… and… some inexplicable rolling fireball of death…

Not exactly sure how it’d work in CDDA because the only default source of radiation is radioactive craters from missile launches and artifact craters… I’m more or less looking for some kind of radioactivity that roams rather than easily noticeable and avoidable sources that make anti-rad equipment useless.

Love hellstorm idea.

Trait proposal.
Weather lore - “You’re very good at predicting weather”. Character with said trait should receive error prone information on incoming weather patterns.

Can’t find a proper category for this one. Mutation?
Water dance or Rain dance- “Thirsty? Just start dancing”.

[quote=“Baltazargompka, post:14, topic:3344”]Can’t find a proper category for this one. Mutation?
Water dance- “Thirsty? Just start dancing”.[/quote]

Eh… mild-god?

[quote=“StopSignal, post:15, topic:3344”][quote=“Baltazargompka, post:14, topic:3344”]Can’t find a proper category for this one. Mutation?
Water dance- “Thirsty? Just start dancing”.[/quote]

Eh… mild-god?[/quote]

Dancing might slightly increase probability of rain. +20%? Still a god, but a weak one.

Thought it was worth mentioning “Fallout Rain” isn’t exactly an option. Nuclear weapons aren’t ground-burst because they’re both less effective that way and because they explode on the ground the then radioactive dirt is thrown into the air, which later rains back down in the form of, you guessed it, fallout. There is some fallout after an air-burst but much less.

…Though since the weapons from the Silos in-game seem to be ground burst occasional “Fallout” weather might work as well?

A Wikipedia Article

Way down on my list of things to do is add “blowouts” à la STALKER to this game. It would spike radiation, unless you’re indoors, and would cause more monsters to spawn.

The more I think about it… this would be a great way to “respawn” monsters for added difficulty, and perhaps give a cause to the player : find the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant and stop the Monolith!!

…perhaps that’s a bit too much like stalker…

We’ve already got the portals, which are probably a much better Cataclysm-specific way to get similar results, honestly.

how about weather gets worse as the game goes on? so the game really hates you after a while.