More weather effects

  1. more frequent lightning. see my post about fires. id like to see lightning start large fires that spread
  2. high wind can spread radiation.
  3. rain can lead to flooding and rivers can overflow their banks and have high currents that can drown you and animals.
  4. random tornadoes. increases need for underground shelter and basement.
  5. hurricane. differnet levels of strength. wouldnt have it go on for days cause that would be dull.
  6. weather can affect the land. not enough rain, grass and trees shrivel up. they can burn easier. too much rain can lead to more bushes growing.

renewable bushes for extended zombie brute kiting pleasure. No longer scorched earth!


Not a bad thing, but some are just not right. This might be considered spam by some crappy admin on some other forums.

  1. See what I said in your post
  2. Sure! But we need something to tell us that it actually has radiation. Randomly mutating from a hazard waste scarcoughougs across the map is not good.
  3. Only if there’s a lot of rain, which I will assume that will be hard to code.
  4. Um… maybe.
  5. Maybe.
  6. Hmm. I like this one, but I again assume it will be hard to code.

You are turning Cataclysm into a holy sh*tty Inferno! I like your style! But as mentioned before, lightning should be more spread in the map, instead of persecuting the player position. Even if Flood + Tornado will result in you drowning in a basement, or… maybe… Zednado!

No offense, but most of these sound like terrible ideas. The lightning and tornadoes particularly screw over anyone not in a base with a basement, who travels with a mobile base. I like the flooding and the weather effects, but other than that a bunch of these are just ‘hole up somewhere specific and wait for the storm to pass’ and that’s already boring enough with acid rain.

I think tornadoes would work best when we had proper z-levels. And if they were super rare.

"You are lifted in the air by the raging tornado!" "A flying barn conks you in the head!" Game over... press space to continue
As it would be really nice to have tornadoes and other such things, it’d probably be a tad unfair :stuck_out_tongue:

You would probably hear it before it hit you.

How the hell would you code a tornado?