Localized weather and special weather effects

In my other thread, which wasn’t all that well received by the people with da power of coding and merging another interesting idea came about:

[quote=“Sean Mirrsen, post:34, topic:5561”]I think what we need is actual weather. Something you can see on the overmap. Cloud cover, thunderstorms, fog, high winds, acid rain, dustclouds, radioactive dustclouds, acid fog (can’t breathe unless inside or face covered), and ion storms.

I think this is a list of weather effects we could have. Arrows depict weather conditions that may naturally segue into each other.

Clear - regular sunlight.
Sunny - intense sunlight.
Cloudy - weak sunlight.
->Drizzle - light rain
–>Rain - regular rain
–>Heavy Clouds - dark sky.
—>Downpour - heavy rain, sewers flooded.
—>Thunderstorm - dark sky, occasional rumbles of thunder sending hearing-guided critters in a random off-map direction.
---->Lightning storm - dark sky, occasional flashes of light revealing everything as daylight for 1 turn, followed by rolling thunder confusing hearing-guided critters.
---->Ion Storm - dark sky, frequent weaker flashes of light with constant low rumble of thunder, any and all electric devices cannot be used.
->Acidic drizzle - light damage to bodyparts not covered by clothing.
–>Acid rain - moderate damage to bodyparts not covered by clothing, damage to non-resistant clothing.
—>Acidic downpour - severe damage unless fully covered by watertight clothing, damage to non-resistant clothing, sewers flooded with acid.
High winds - projectiles suffer more spread. Lightweight items outside may be randomly moved.
->Dust storm - limited visibility, chance to be blinded and take permanent eye damage if outside without eyewear.
–>Radioactive duststorm - limited visibility, chance to be blinded and take permanent eye damage if outside without eyewear, heavy irradiation outside.
Fog - limited visibility
->Acid fog - limited visibility, damage to open skin equivalent to acid drizzle, pain and damage to torso(lungs) if mouth not covered.
–>Radioactive fog - limited visibility, heavy irradiation if outside.

These things should all roam the overmap as procedurally generated fields, appearing, disappearing, and changing randomly (with an underlying system of course), for instance have a list of things a given weather area can do every update tick (which can be once every 10 turns, or every 100) - increase intensity, decrease intensity, move as a whole by one overmap tile, move some of its components by one overmap tile (all according to some wind variables), etc, etc. We already have the roaming hordes - reuse the principle and make the debug “show hordes” command into an overmap “describe weather” command, and I think this could work quite well.[/quote]

I would have suggested a new building, for example a landfill, with a localized cloud of flesheating bacteria. Someone was actually dumb enough to throw the canister labeled “biohazard” into the trash… The only way to get in there for some valuable loot someone else has thrown away you would have to use a cleansuit treated with antibiotics or somehow else made repelling to the nasty stuff. It will protect you as long as its condition is normal or reinforced. Don’t let any big buggers like wolves or so hit you! The suit is very delicate and if it gets punctured you will get the “being gnawed on by germs” condition which will travel from on limb to the other and kill you unless you take loads and loads of antibiotics. (details subject to change hopefully by people who have a better idea how flesh eating bacteria clouds around landfills in a post-apocalyptic setting work)

Discuss. Criticize. Add more stuff!

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In general, yes, I like the idea. Still not keen on a traveling ion cloud unless that’s an extremely rare weather type, I’m entirely supportive of it as a stationary local weather effect though. Also not keen on that dust storm doing permanent eye damage without there being some means to heal it, like there is for broken limbs. I think your blob healing factor can sorta handle that kind of thing if it’s minor though. Eyes are already great at regeneration. For your landfill idea, I really like that one, as it gives more of a motivation to make and use cleansuits. Though it seems like you’re not aware there are armored variants on the cleansuit and things like the entry suit that do the same thing with better defense. Little hard to get the recipes though.

Blindness from dust storms should be temporary, not permanent; becoming permanently blind would be extremely crippling and should be much harder to do than just getting caught in bad weather. The ion storm I’d still prefer only to cripple electronics for which it’d make sense. But, yes. Fine ideas otherwise. I don’t think generating mobile weather patterns would be as simple as co-opting the horde code, though.

Also, biohazards should be more common in general; I was surprised I couldn’t catch anything from the corpse pits in FEMA camps. Antibiotics have extremely limited use in the game at the moment.

Well… you do certainly risk badly damaging your eyes if you expose them to a sandstorm. But I guess it’ll work better as a slowly progressing sort of thing. You start out getting dust in your eyes, which serves to reduce your normal vision and perception, and gradually advance to temporary blindness where you can’t open your eyes at all until you get out of the storm and wash them clean, but if you stay out in the storm long enough and don’t clear your eyes, it will advance to permanent blindness.

I’d imagine the corpse pits as a fertile spawning ground for zeds, truth be told. We don’t have very many biohazards, true, and the biggest one is already inside everything so it’s not much of a “hazard” anymore.

The biohaz dump could be Nifty if there’s an explanation for why the bacteria’s not getting out and overrunning the world. “Closed building/bunker with airlocks” seems workable, and change the wolves (who would also be dying to the bacteria, so really shouldn’t be a threat) to bacteria-immune bots. Could be a Lab wing, with extra cloning vats or other such stuff, or something like the toxic dump or hazmat sarcophagus.

Dust-in-eyes: another reason for the eye-armor, membranes, or saline solution. Nice.

Radiation effects are Use With Caution at the moment, since there’s no way to decontaminate the ground. Once you’ve put radioactive gas somewhere, forex, that (ground) tile’s permanently and invisibly hot. Might be realistic, but tends to discourage folks.

I like the downpour ideas. They’ll work much better when we work out the kinks in underground mapgen, but making sewage an actual Thing is a good idea.

I like OP’s idea A LOT. Would force people to move.

Funnily enough it’s actually not that realistic. In reality 90% of the gamma ray fallout disappears in the first 7 hours, and 90% of the remaining 10% (leaving 1%) disappears in the next 2-3 days. By 2 weeks after the explosion this amount reduces to around 1/1000th the original amount, though it stays fairly constant after that (drops to 10% in 100 years, to 1% in 200 years). Ideally we’ll eventually split radiation into short, medium, long, and permanently lived categories, the first of which decays very quick, the second slowly, the third over a week or two, and the last one never disappearing.

->Blizzard (localized winter conditions, snow, cold ect.)
–>Whiteout (winter conditions, reduced viability AND glare)
–>Hailstorm (localized winter conditions and everything exposed gets lovingly tenderized by mother nature)

->Ash Storm (choking flurry of ash rolls through blocking out the sun and reducing viability, induces coughing)
–>Cinder Storm (high, hot winds whipping up ash, smoke and even hard cinders)
—>Firestorm (An intensified ash storm with heat to it… occasionally still flaming particles land and ignite)

May I also suggest that the Acid Fog be switch to a Ammonia/Poison Fog just for some diversity? Could even be a way to condense and collect additional chemicals.

I’d say probably no setting things on fire from weather. I believe this is why the lightning weather doesn’t actually create lightning strikes anymore, because they were known to burn down your bases while you slept.

FWIW everyone already believes in the virtues of mobile bases and the nomad lifestyle, Zirael. We’re trying to make fixed bases a viable strategy too. :wink:

Yeah. Weather effects should not permanently damage the terrain, because then you end up fouling your own base thanks to the reality bubble: the effects only hit around you. Sewer-flooding is OK as that drops after the storm.

(Lightning-fires would only ever happen around your location, so the proper course of action in hazardous weather was either to go underground and use the magic of z-1 to make weather effects Not-Happen because you’re underground, or to GTFO and as far away as you can from anything you’d consider valuable, lest it be destroyed. Run to the fungal blooms!)

Hmmm, while I have few fears facing down truly cataclysmic weather systems, I have to agree it would seem ridiculous and unfair if they were retrained to the reality bubble.

I suppose the most extreme weather systems possibly make more sense to be some sort of ‘portal bound’ biome effect anyhow. A portal to some hellish plane lighting it’s locale on fire regularly, while occasionally spewing mere Ash Storms outward.

@ KA101: :smiley:
@ Belteshazzar: I like your ideas.

All this, and I still want snow to pile up on the ground after snowing.

I’m making the non-debug weather map right now