We make TERRIBLE suggestions and come up with horrible ideas (Round II)


Kuru is actually the same sort of disease as mad cow disease – except it’s a human disease, not a cow disease that humans happen to be able to sometimes catch. It’s even rarer than mad cow disease, since the main way it gets passed on is, well, via cannibalism. Especially of nervous tissue. The only places it has ever been common is among a specific people group in Papua New Guinea that practiced funerary cannibalism of the entire body – bones and all. The disease die down when the local government banned funerary cannibalism.


Ah, okay.
Makes even more sense that it would remind me of Mad Cow Disease then.
I guess we could have both, technically.
Eat people, get Kuru, eat diseased/tainted meat (mostly from cattle), get Mad Cow Disease.
(I’m not 100% certain if the ‘d’ is supposed to be capitalized or not.)


Interacting with a portal takes you to a pocket dimension full of repetitive tasks, limited resources, and arbitrary goals that need to fulfilled before you can leave


But that would make this game into something from a console style lol

Ideas unrelated to ^^

So I forgot where the heck I posted it. But my idea is for those plastic totes in various size. Also those screw on mini plastic jugs just that you get when you buy these snacks:

I dig sterilizing these and reusing them irl. Have a snack and use them for all kinds of crap. Unlike a milk jug. You can put your hand into one of these things. So you can use them in many storage ways. Like when you go out hiking. I can stuff a shirt, pair of socks and a light pair of pants into one of these. Leave it in your vehicle as a backup.

As for plastic totes.

Good for dropping a bunch of items into and then carting it around as a big bulky item that you should carry with both hands. Great for keep track of all your crap you want in different categorical order.


Exactly why its a bad idea, lol


Thats a good idea, wrong thread. lol


Thanks. But when I used to post solo ideas in a thread. Most poopoo’d them. I figured I’d save the people the trouble and post here lol

Hoping more people like it. It gets into the game =D


Everyone has opinions. Haha
I’d like that, extra storage options and extra ease to sorting


Fusion Blaster Legs CBM
Buttcheeks Alloy Plating CBM


If we add Butt Cheek Alloy Plating CBM, then we should also have something similar for the groin.


Snow starts falling off the roofs of buildingswhen temperatures rise to above 0 °C after longer period of sub zero temperatures. You better avoid standing long by the walls.


If you do not eat bacon for ‘x’ amount of time you get increasingly depressed until you eventually commit suicide


If you wear the Wolf suit for more than 1 in game hour, a filter (similar to the one i link) will be permanently enabled until the user re-installs the game, at least until the suit is worn again.


If the temperature is extremely hot, there’s a chance you’ll spontaneously combust.


If you wield scissors and start running, Your Mom hallucination appears. Or maybe you trip and die, idk.


If your character dies and you make a new one, the thing that killed your previous character will give massive penalties to stats and morale every time you see it, crippling your character until you get away.

Basically, anything that kills a character becomes a incurable phobia for your future ones in that certain world. Becomes kinda fun with things like water, lava or explosions, anything that’s not a mob.


Random events for players reality bubble, to spice things up when you’re sitting on one spot.
Things spawn in it and de-spawn on leaving to avoid cluttering the surroundings. Or certain weather effect to keep things dynamic. Otherwise base-building and farming are boring as heck.
For example, a horde of lemmings passing through. Probably off to some distant cliff or something.
Or a really hungry pack of wolves that will stay for a while.
Or a police bot knocking down your door, demanding taxes you’ve been so dastardly avoiding since the apocalypse.
And maybe one day you will find a lone mailman zombie aimlessly wandering around. Upon killing him, you’ll find a parcel with your characters name on it. What misteries could it hold?
Some wandering fella with supplies to sell. He has some special deal for those who still have their soul. These are strange days for sure…
And one day you thought you could go scavenge, a toxic fog sets in. It’s not that bad, but limits view and gives you a headache. Keeping windows and doors closed seems to keep it at bay.
An advertisement bot! This thing sure makes a hell lot of noise. And is persistent. Buy what he’s selling, and maybe he will leave you be.

And so on, and so forth.


in fact that would not be a bad idea to put it in the game, it could be activated the moment you place the bulletin board and declare that it is a refuge


That honestly could be considered to be a good idea. I would actually like the idea of that kind of thing happening


I really like the wandering advertisement bot. Something that is loud and wanders around attracting zombies in its wake sounds like loads of fun