We make TERRIBLE suggestions and come up with horrible ideas (Round II)


Eating pizza has a small chance of mutating you into an adolescent turtle. Ninjutsu not included.


Add parasite type enemies, which, if you fail to kill them fast enough, attach to your character somewhere on their bodies, resulting in:

  • Being unable to wear ( normal size ) armor on that bodypart.
  • Faster metabolism, you need to feed and sate the fricking thing
  • Large morale debuff

It can ONLY be removed surgically, which means Surgeon NPC.



my bad suggestion has come true, i was hoping to see a zombie youtuber with superpower…

then this happen during back bay refugee camp mission…


You hit him so hard he died before you launched the attack.


That’s a good idea xD


A M60 from Vietnam when you shoot it the thing starts playing fortunate son and it only stop when you kill and smash/butcher all the zombies,animals and monster on a area o 5x5 map spaces


i suggest putting some nuclear missile on a back of a military truck so that when player drives it and crash into swarm of zombies, the bump cause the nuclear to be activated and primed…

sounds legit.


Well, sure, that’s how Hollywood thinks nukes work. Also nuclear reactor meltdowns create mushroom clouds!


Insert Chernobyl disaster memory here

hahhaha… legit somethign hollywood would put in a zombie movie… and that is an idea i got from Dying light where you can get nuclear ending by finding 3 code hidden in some location and take it to a abandoned military truck that was carrying a nuclear bomb.


An unknown survivor stops by your base to drop off your W-2. Even the apocalypse can’t stop the IRS.


The instant the player becomes infected with the Mycus they should be chased by helicopters firing miniguns at them and playing Fortunate Son along with Planes dropping Napalm on the player.

If the player passes over any mutation threshold that isn’t: Plant, Medical, Slime or Alpha they will be hunted by ‘Gamers’ who hum ‘The Gamer National Anthem’. Their is also a man called Chief who cannot be killed, he will run around shouting ‘Gamers! Rise up!’ which will cause any-and-all dead/incapacitated gamers to be fully healed and continue to chase you.


The trees start speaking vietnamese


Make it so female characters are always “Chilly”, regardless of what they have on. It’s realistic, after all. xP


This idea coupled with Winter season to have women stand in the cold for a short period of time and be able to Cut glass and other object without need of a blade.

…think for a moment :wink:


Not from my experience. :smiley:

I live in Alabama and don’t own an air-conditioner.


Make characters start with a sugar and media addiction with mood debuffs, our characters would be in shock since their way of life has been forever altered, and they would have to cope with the loss of such luxuries until they have means to either fix or rid themselves of it.


Random chance every turn a tiny meteor might fall from thy sky and kill you if standing close to water/alternatively pools. ( FYI, it actually happened to someone. )


NPC rarites like Special Agents Mulder and Scully can be found roaming the apocalypse.


Eating human meat (especially brain) has a small chance to give you Kuru, which is incurable and imposes progressively increasing penalties to all stats until they all hit zero and you die.


Reminds me of Mad Cow Disease.
If you eat anything containing diseased/contaminated meat, there is a chance that you will get it.
And if you do, then you will start to gain the possibility of the following:
-Problems with coordination and/or rhythmic muscle contractions
-‘Pins and needles’ or uncomfortable tingling and/or burning feeling
-Major depression and/or psychosis
-Insomnia/Restlessness, slurred speech, and/or unresponsiveness
-And then, inevitable death

Good ol’ Mad Cows Disease.
On the bright side, it’s very rare for a human to get it. It’s mostly just cattle. Mostly.