We make TERRIBLE suggestions and come up with horrible ideas (Round II)


Animations for cooking, crafting, drinking, eating with dedicated sprite for every skin color, every head accessory, every food/drink/drug, along with cutscenes of throwing up for 53 minutes every time you eat something bad.


Dog whistles call all the nearby z dogs as well.


That’s a good suggestion


A sealed bottle of grey goo. Opening it or breaking it activates the goo. Game Over conditions inevitably met shortly thereafter, with obligatory world deletion, of course.


Telling an NPC to use a Vibrator(with batteries full) should elicit different reactions. Ranging from humorous to wtf reactions.

“You want me to use this as a weapon? Are you kidding me??”
“Not sure about this being useful as a weapon. But if you don’t see me for 20 minutes…well.”
“Pretty sure this won’t do much damage. I’ll just hang onto it for awhile, all the same.”
“I got dibs on them Swimmer zombies…heh…heh…heh.”


Hulk launcher, wondering what to do with all those hulk corpses you have after a battle? stuff it in a locker, chain it up and wait for it to revive. When fired the locker will smash on impact releasing the enranged hulk on anything in the area. Ammo has a 00.5% of the hulk breaking out every turn, hulk breaks loose if you misfire, when your hulk ammo cooks off it releases hulks instead of bullets. Vehicle mounted or minimum 35 strenght to wield.


Every time you drop an item on the ground rather than in a container, an eyebot shows up and charges your cash card with a fine for littering.


HAHA! That’s be great!
Although, if that were to be added, it should be any eyebot seeing you drop stuff on the ground gives you a fine. They may be called eyebots but they are far from ‘all seeing.’
And of course, if you do not have a valid credit card with enough money and/or you refuse to pay, then a police bot will attempt to arrest you.
After getting arrested, it will ever so slowly escort you to the closest prison, strip you to your undies, give you a prisoner outfit, and then you’ll start up the prison escape spawn mess.


That would be an awesome suggestion if instead of walking you there, it summoned a robot paddywagon to drive you to the nearest prison, and then put you in a holding cell to await trial.
If zombies in the holding cell attacked you, they’d apply tazers and put them in solitary. Don’t fight back, now!


That’s even better! It should be done, yes, indeed it should.


Speaking of which this may be a good idea or bad idea but actual robotic Vehicles instead of a tank drone you actually have a small miniature tank that you have to destroy at least the majority of before it stops blasting you away.


Wandering trails of sulpherous ants that zero on any sound above sound level 5.


Omg I just imagined HK tanks from terminator. Patrolling the roads .


There is a small chance of a character dubbed ‘The Almighty Kevin,’ who is super overpowered and if he dies the entire game deletes itself as it cannot exist without Kevin.


When carrying a spoon over a linoleum or steel floor, theres a chance you’ll drop it. Causing a sound of 10000000000000000000000


Right before going into battle you can shout ‘For Narnia!’ to gain a combat boost


Alternatively, if you shout “Leeroy Jenkins”, you get a massive combat boost for a few turns; after that, you get massive amount of debuffs & a massive amount of assorted baddies spawn around you and promptly kill you. If you come across your corpse; you’ll find some cooked chicken on it, and a note saying "At least I have chicken"


Let some zeds pop-out of the ground anywhere in the wastelands!


Tone down Multi-Tool spawn. I dig this item. But in reality. I’m the only person I know of that carries one irl. A pocket knife is more common. A straight blade too on a belt clip. Not many people like walking around with a work tool attached to them or in their pocket.

Would be great if they were kinda rare again. I likem. But 1 in every 3 zombies spawn these now. Little more than is needed. Lighters are common. Lipstick isn’t in game is it? That is common. Condoms too. Mints are very common in New England. People have a strange obsession with their breath here. I wouldn’t want ass breath in my face, but altoids in a tin…people eat like 5 at a time. Why? That burns! -_-


I’m a girl and I carry one. Then again I live in Alaska…:blush: