We make TERRIBLE suggestions and come up with horrible ideas (Round II)


You forgot to add the words ‘the movie’ after that. I have no clue if there is actually a movie with a similar name to that, but now I want the the ability to ‘watch’ it on your ingame phone or laptop.
It would even come with its own debatably excessive extensions and remakes and such:
-Zombies in Space: The Movie
-Zombies in Space 2: Return of the Munchies
-Zombies in Space 3: The New End
-Zombies in Space 4 Ever
-Zambies from Outer Space
-Zombl and the Alien Princess
-Zombies in Space!
-Alien versus Zombies
-Alien versus Zombies 2
And so on


Make mouses squeak, tunnel, wake up people, eat crops, snatch your food, and eat cats. Add mouse trap and rat poison (yummy) that works 5% of the time. Bear traps work 0.1% of the time against mouses.


Acid already splashes you at random though. Besides, what you suggest should only be bare handed. Everything else you use (such as a weapon) should be damaged instead of the toon.


It’s not so much as it splashing you, but rather spirting the floor in your general direction. Due to the general mess it’s most likely going to splash a little on your tootsies.
Unless you mean literally what I just said, of course.

It would definitely make some sense for equipment to get hurt (at least some times) when butchering an acid zombie.


Making what you use to pulp the mob get damaged is more logical than making the assumption your hands alone would take damage and require gloves…which would be silly as acid melts those too…

I try to account for the game not being 100% realistic. But some stuff also makes me scratch my head. I figured since Kevin liked his idea about gloves. I assumed he wanted such a thing as using gloves for a balance thing over realism.

But the more I thought about it. The less I liked using gloves. The idea became more complicated and I began my salmon journey up the stream to find myself at what I wrote.

Change for acid:

Pulping acidic mobs = random splash around mob body. As we have already.

Addendum = “if” tile toon is standing on receives acid splash. Toon makes a roll/percentage to have random body part splashed with acid + damage to garment on that body part; mitigate damage to both toon and garment by garment environmental protection rating.

Add damage too whatever is used in toon’s hands to pulp mob. Double damage “if” bare hands + acid burn to both hands. (because sticking your bare hands in highly acidic substances should be a bad idea)

Boots should melt when standing on an acid tile while NOT doing damage to feet/legs if the garment protection is reasonable. The boots bite the dust. But the purpose of that thick heavy duty nature they have is to deflect that acid. Perhaps assuming the acid is so strong it gets through. The turns could be used instead to remove boots before harm to player occurs?


Depends greatly on the type of acid and the type of gloves. No one acid will melt everything.


Acid Boomers. Smoker Zombies that shoot out clouds of fire, lightning or radioactive gas. Chlorine gas, actually.



Yes, much needed.
That kinda reminds me of my idea of nuclear ticks than if and when you pull them off them explode like a mininuke.


I asked for this a while back, and it appears we still need it:
An automatic bacon generator. Few things are better than bacon.


That should be in crazy cataclysm. Maybe have a chance if replacing charcoal smokers.


Nah, it should be in vanilla. Almost every game could use an automatic bacon generator.


Holy crap, that Hulk business escalated quickly.

Predator Hulk.
“Because something that can already kill you simply needs an armor-ignore attack.”

Fungal Hulk
“What happens when you combine a bad thing with another bad thing? Worse thing.”

Nuclear Hulk
“Just a single hug and you’ll be growing new limbs!”

Freezer Hulk
“Why aren’t freezing zombies a thing?”

Chad Hulk
“Hulk Prime. The absolute unit. Zombies are naturally atracted to such perfection.”

Virgin Hulk
“The absolute loser. Weaker than a standard zombie. If left alone will die of depression.”


When making explosives there is a chance that it will self detonate while crafting.
The best way to go down is in a fiery explosion. Glorious, simply glorious.


All cars require insurance from a valid insurance agency or will immediatly spawn robots to attempt to arrest you. Insurance agencies exist in the world, but the process is long, frustrating, expensive and requires a rare ID card to complete. To make valid, you need to apply at least two registered licence plates to the vehicle. Robotic checkpoints exist in the game that check your ID and insurance, and if you come within 3 map tiles and avoid or blow through you are flagged and your insurance is revoked. There is a 1/20 chance of finding valid insurance in an existing vehicle, but it is invalidated the moment you hit a checkpoint.

Also, random busses have a bomb(like the movie Speed) that explodes after you fall below a certain speed limit. This is disgused as a “Security Device” attached to gas tanks.


There is nothing terrible about this suggestion. Worked for the original Grand Theft Auto.


While I agree. I was thinking, that if it melts my rubber shoes and eats away my feet. I was pretty sure it would melt rubber gloves. :wink:


Well, it doesn’t, rubber boots are acid proof.


This is more in line with what I meant and I have no idea what I was thinking about the gloves. Only speculation was when I wrote it. I could have been thinking of in game terms. Not reality.


A convertible sports car, with the roof down you are extremely vulnerable and easy to get hit by anything but you get a sweet morale boost.


make frying pans the best armor againt bullets and make it werable on the back