We make TERRIBLE suggestions and come up with horrible ideas (Round II)


Give it a heart and let us hope it ends up on the “To Do” list.

Feel free to add to the idea, as always.

I like the idea of providing your own crap. Maybe make the suggestion and the doctor gives a lower price?


Feline mutants involuntarily purr at high morale and cannot stop it. Because they’re larger than the average housecat it’s loud enough to attract zeds.

Canine mutants die from eating chocolate.


Fish mutants should start to die as if drowning when not in water.


Canine mutants must stop what they’re doing to chase any moving car they see. They also take noticeable morale debuffs for being in a room with a vacuum cleaner, and gain equally noticeable morale buffs from the destruction of mail carrier clothing items.

Both canine and feline mutants take morale debuffs that increase with time when inside a Veterinary Clinic.


Dogs should bark at creatures at a percentage roll. This in turn garners attention from other creatures making a morale roll to fight or flight behavior.


That actually makes a lot of sense. I suspect that at least 95% of all dogs would do that.
But not my beagle. We was too nice. He was a complete moron, but very nice and jus a generally awesome doggo. I miss that guy :sob:


Another idea: When a pet dog dies, you get crippling morale debuffs


In my opinion, that seems more realistic than getting sad when you kill a zombie child (who wanted to bite your face off).
I can understand someone being upset when they aren’t used to killing things in general, but I don’t care if it looks kinda like a child, it’s no more of a child than an adult is. An adult is just a child who grew up, but a zombie child is just a child that was already killed and now has started to rot and I wants to kill you.


We should also add head crabs and head crab zombies.
Those skinny super rotted ones made me just go ‘nope’ when playing Halflife 2 for the first time. It has some horror elements, sure, but it isn’t in general a horror game. THEN YOU GIVE ME THESE THINGS!

Speedy little nightmare fuel that you first find in a place called Ravenholm which is so dark and gloomy, with poison headcrabs and a bunch of random dead littering the ground.

I still deeply desire to play Half-life 3 though. In the future, if I do well enough in the game development industry, I will try to buy the right to make a third from Valve unless they really do make another.

EDIT: sorry if anyone has nightmares from seeing that. I can’t figure out how to blur an image on the phone.


Let’s expand nutrition and vitamins. If you don’t eat meat your character randomly screams about it unprompted and gives you a breakdown of the health, environmental, economic, and social benefits of veganism. It would also make the vegetarian mutation more realistic.


As I cried over my late hamster. That was this year. So having a dog, which more than likely lived longer would suck for the longer bond. Not especially hurting less. Just more time = memories. I can relate.

Makes me think of all of us pet lovers. Having NPC friends and pets perhaps have a morale debuff when they die would make sense. Unless the NPC was programmed to be an AceHole or something.


Is this possible?


Wrong place to post, that’s a great suggestion, not a terrible one!


Not to sound sarcastic. But if is isn’t how’d you pull it off?

I assume you refer to the lighting?


There’s a proof of concept for this kind of lighting on git. https://github.com/CleverRaven/Cataclysm-DDA/issues/23996


:frowning: stalled since june due to performance issues. too bad. We need a maths wizard to save us!

On topic: I want lightning strikes to start fires, kill monsters and create fulgurites on the beaches. And a new item effect for all conductive items, double for polearms, umbrellas etc, that makes you more likely to be struck in a storm. Trees too. And an artifact effect that summons lightning out of the clear blue sky. And some flapjacks


Can’t forget the flapjacks.


Maple house often has pancakes. =D


An actual nuke that when set off instantly destroys everything in a 15 map tile radius(goodbye city) and turns it into a toxic radioactive hellscape where monsters galore could spawn getting denser and more powerful the closer to the epicenter you get.


Fast Draw Holster for “Over-Under” Double Barrel Shotgun sawn barrel + stock. Not the standard side by side barrel gun. For practical purposes, the over-under remains rather flat to the person. Where as the side barrels have the grip in a jut out position.

While a pistol is clearly lighter. A leg holster for a weapon like this would be pretty useful for that extra 2 shots of CQC BLAM BLAM MOFO!! YEeA BOI! xD