We make TERRIBLE suggestions and come up with horrible ideas (Round II)


I am seriously tempted to flag your post… that !@#$ isn’t something you can joke about.


Well, I’ma keep joking about it until the game industry stops putting money ahead of art and the beauty of creation and all that jazz. So . . . forever, I guess.

Not Cataclysm, of course. Ya’ll are doing great things.


I honestly think masturbating with sand paper would be preferable to dealing with EA game company.

That aside here is a more positive thought.


I dough-not know if we have these in game. There are quite a few companies that make doughnuts and several make them individually packed in the box. They last a while. Twinkies are a thing I’m pretty sure are still made.

We need this in game if we don’t have them already.


I ate a twinkie about a month ago. Based on that experience, I’m willing to say that they stopped being made in the 1950’s and the ones in stores are just really old.


Twinkie’s are great you heretic. If only saying that was worth getting flagged.


I like the doughnut idea. They could be a common drop by police officer zombies.

I’ve heard that twinkies would still be edible a century after a nuclear war, so it could be a nonperishable junk food item. It would be hilarious if you found a prepper cache or basement full of them.


Ooohh, random chance that a person cries out in pain when they take damage. What a way to ruin a city loot spree than have all the monsters in an area hear you yelp after getting hit.


That. Would be. Amazing.
Please, oh mighty Kevin, lend me your ears! (Metaphorically)
To have this be would be great indeed. I beg of thee to add this to thine game! Or I shall be sad!


O-key! :wink:


Would be cool for those special drops of doughnuts and twinkies from the cops and bloated zombies. Technically twinkies have a 45 day experation date. But the game would great to carry the infinity joke. It could also be renamed to Winkies and cross a phalic joke into it.


These wonderful and tasty treats from before the apocalypse were extra long lasting treats that cops would enjoy as a staple. The long white pastry you could squeeze for all that creamy awesome inside!

Made by the same fine folks that brought us Toastums! xD


Just thought of something after reading through the vehicle change threads:

I know I asked about these a few months ago. But I wanted to bring this back up.
2 types of wheel. Direct and Geared. Geared is actually significantly light if I read correctly. An average Geared wheel is around 8-10lbs and a Direct is around 30lbs. It is really simple to add to a regular bike. Swap the wheel out with the electric one and hook it to the controller and throttle. Then a battery. The other parts are for pedal assist and not really needed if you throttle.



Oooo! Add holiday themed stuff in the game! Some examples would be:
-Christmas trees (Acts like furniture rather than a regular tree)
-Zombie Clause (You just murdered Santa, you monster)
-The Granch (He will steal all your presents!)
-Jack-O-Beast (Mutated pumpkin monster.)
-Mood buffs/debuffs could change slightly depending on in-game season! (You probably won’t love to see next Christmas anyway)
Remove all skills and give every player Death Star hand cannons
Constantly have annoying kids music playing in the background
Give all baseball bats the knock back power of Super Smash Bros.
Ability to feast off the souls of young children. If zombie children even have those.
Add survivor children so that you are able to feast off their souls.
Survivor children are frequent accompanied by an adult.


Futurama’s Evil Santa would be hilarious.


Why only children’s souls? If you were to use it with some sort of magic, I guess you would find more raw power when harvesting them, but if you took adults’ souls, you would probably find slightly weaker but rather specialized souls. Kill a dozen children to make a sword with a lot of raw power, or take the life of a sadistic murderer for a blade that isn’t as strong, but has lifesteal.


Children’s souls are much more tender than adults. They are too crunchy. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good crunch, but it just isn’t the same.


Hey guys I think we got radiation sickness wrong! Let’s properly implement it!


While we’re at it, we should add not only pooping and peeing, but also the ability to see what our excrements look like, so that we can implement the diarrhea symptom properly.


well I don’t know about where you live but for me forests are usually green with some grey and brown mixed in not a chaotic vomit of red yellow and blue so I think the fungaloid mass is fine being detected by normal people


New idea for Refugee Center.

The Doctor in the front lobby should have an option of sterilizing and patching the player character of each wounded area. While it isn’t an instant heal (because it shouldn’t be). It will put the character on the healing path and also clean infected wounds.

For a price of trade :wink:


Why is that a TERRIBLE idea? The Refugee center having med capabilities isn’t crazy especially if you provide your own supplies and are just looking for the expertise.


I concur, (presumably) good sir, I concur.