We make TERRIBLE suggestions and come up with horrible ideas (Round II)


adds an enemy npc called Dad. He were’s a polo shirt,cargo pants, and sneakers. He tells corny dad jokes and if the player says anything like im hungry he will say hi hungry im dad causing you to instantly die.


You fool! Do you realise what you’ve done!? You gave Kevin a viable idea!


Being stung by any insect will have a 1/100 chance of injecting Insect Serum instead of Poison.


I regret nothing. Anything that makes the midgame transition less abrupt, more gradual and challenging is good by me.


When you said ‘I regret nothing’ it gave me a flashback of every game I ever played that involved me needed to kill a canine. There was never any regrets. It was me or them. I’d soon slit my own dogs throat then die.

It’s a life or death scenario here people! The lives of people are far more important than some random puppy that likes to follow you around! It’s even worse when people feel sad about killing a dog that was trying to EAT THEM ALIVE!
There should be a sap trait that makes you get sad whenever you kill a murder hound.

I also vote to get rid of the moral debuff when killing zombie children.
“Oooohhh, it’s sooooo terrible! There was this zombie child that was trying to eat me, and it was all gross and had maggots crawling all over it, and some of its guts were spilling out and rotten, and I had to shoot it! WAAAAHHH! I’m a full grown man in the apocalypse!”


I agree, Perhaps even a Morale boost for putting it outta its misery.


I’ve brought that up several times too. Putting it out of its misery.


I always play psychopaths for this exact reason


Me too! I literally do that every time just because it’s stupid! I’m glad people seem to agree with me on this. I may actually make a separate thread just to address the issue more directly.


And this is why the distinction between then and than is important.

That reminds me of something I read once about the importance of commas. One sentence said, “I love cooking, my friends, and my family.” versus “I love cooking my friends and family.” and the another said, “Let’s eat, grandpa.” versus “Let’s eat grandpa.”

On topic: Special death messages for ironic death situations, like a critical failure that does fatal damage on attempted install of a repair nanobots CBM, dying of fatal infection while attempting to install a Leukocyte Breeder, or trying to kill a Shocker Brute with a taser.


Correction, I meant to say THAN. Not then. I know what I meant to type. Doesn’t mean I actually did that.


I’ve found you can just debug yourself the ‘Wolf’ Threshold and give yourself Culler, Then remove Wolf and Carnivore and then never have to deal with guilt.


I’m completely lost as to what you are trying to say…


The morale debuff for killing children fades after a while.

Although I wish the fade applied to all zombie children. I’m not sure how I’d be used to killing zombie children, but killing an even more freakishly mutated child thst barely resembles a human bothers me.


You can also alter the mutation in json to have " “starting_trait” : true ".


I didn’t know that was a thing. Where in the json can you do that? That’d be rather nice.


I make a choice to spend some of my valuable character points to deal with this mechanic. It’s a sacrifice I am willing to make. If i was going to cheat the mechanic away, I would just do a replace all on the flag to delete it in the json files.


cdda > data > json
If you look at the lab scenario in the scenarios folder, you can see how extra traits are added to certain scenarios. Also, as long as they don’t conflict with other traits you already selected, you can get them regardless of threshold.


I searched if anyone has posted this yet – I couldn’t find anything.

We should implement micro-transactions. Also, lootboxes. Also, give the IP to EA games. Also, implement an end-game but then lock it behind a DLC paywall. Also, timelocks, we should give the player x number of moves per hour. When you’re out of moves you have to wait for the refresh.