Water Barrel (plastic/wooden)

Just a thought whilst I was on a water run. I’ve been enjoying how liquids stack in some of the newer containers and I was thinking how great it would be if I could stockpile water (any liquid) in large drums. My general thought was it would behave like the gas-pump already in game but it would need to have a limit set on it. You can add to the container up to it’s limit and withdraw it to put in another container. Also, assuming the liquid inside is water you would be able to drink from the barrel.

I started browsing through some of the item/inventory code before realizing this is beyond my meager skills. So, how feasible is the idea, do you think?

We kinda already have massive storage containers (jerry cans).
Although I can see the benefits of having a huge water container it would be only really used in long term base building/habitation.

I propose a revolutionary new item. Basically take the Jerrycan and rename it as a Water Can. Not a good name, but we had them for the ten years I was in the military. If you want some military-ish items to add to the game, just ask and I’ll try and come up with some. I can always ask my friends too.

It’s possible that I’m a total knuckle-head and didn’t realize jerrycans had been added. Foo. In that case, disregard the above! :smiley:

Jerrycan is the general name. If you name it specifically Water or Fuel Can, it implies it can only hold such.
I know in the service that they’re specifically labeled, and you can’t use a fuel can for water, but that’s too much realism at the cost of gameplay. Considering all long-term water sources already need to be purified, it would be a bit anal to go that far.

I assumed what was meant was a 50-gal water barrel, which is basically the “smallest cistern” as opposed to the jerrycan’s “largest portable”.

As did I.
50-100Gal was the size I figured, but a more likely size would be the ~250Gal liquid shipping container that qualify more as a construction than a simple barrel would.

Kevin you and n9103 hit on what I was suggesting originally. I was thinking of a gi-hugic non-portable water container.