Waldo Tileset(32x32)[abandoned]

water, blood, acid multi tile



and some furnitures

Waldo, when do you plan to add a wooden and HD frames (and other vehicle parts)?

This is shiny.

Waldo, when do you plan to add a wooden and HD frames (and other vehicle parts)?


Wooden x frame(vp_frame_wood_vertical2) is not displayed properly. ID mismatch?

Looks amazing!

Waldo, I love you.

Wonderful work, Wish I could de-stress you somehow…

I knew that your car reminds me of something, but could not remember what …

I hope I have improved your mood. ))

Much amazing
Such sexy
This cool

This tileset is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. Fantastic work Waldo! Thank you for making this! Also, take care of your mood :slight_smile:

thank you waldo, your tileset is amazing!

This is what ive been looking for long before the KS. This is the style of graphics that i love to play with! Snes style ftw.
You have to keep working on this tileset it simply looks amazing :stuck_out_tongue: I will replay the game once im at home :smiley:

Edit: seeing that 0.A is on the way, id suggest to focus on that version cause from the looks of it will be a true stable version and you wont have to be on par with experimental versions.
Keep up the good work !

Wow man, this tileset is fantastic!!! I’ve enjoyed playing with Deon’s and Tsu’s, and they ARE good, but this one is my favourite… I really like the style, and you do 24 and 32. I like bigger tiles. Squinting is about as appealing as staring at letters and dots…I respect ASCII for it’s roots yada yada but I need graphics :slight_smile:

The only thing with using larger sets, there are not as many tiles visible around you without e(x)amining further away. Scaling that somehow so it’s the same as 16x16 would be great…but I guess that’s the game itself.

Great work, love it, keep it up

I just thought I would mention it, but it could use a boarded up window tile (for empty windows). Maybe something like this. You can use that if you want (but my art is only so so).

Aye this is defiantly my favorite tileset out of all of them, i absolutely love how the vehicles look







I took the liberty of updating Waldo’s tile_config.json to account for changes in zombie dogs, shopping carts, and glassless boarded windows. I hope he doesn’t mind. I really enjoy this tileset, but missing tiles bug me. I’ve only tested it for 24x24, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work for the 32x32.

Download (24x24): https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5KHQNLDaBc1VjFKUFNjVW4xUW8/edit?usp=sharing
Download (32x32): https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5KHQNLDaBc1LS10Q20yOXVNWDg/edit?usp=sharing

Edit: My bad, the first entry in the json file sets the tile size. I’ve uploaded separate versions.

Thanks, but I still hope he comes back at some point in time.

sorry for the near month necro but I would love to see this tile set continued, none of the other tile sets available appeal to me and would love to continue using this one rather than be forced to use one I don’t like. or is the author waiting till the next table build?
mostly I like the fact that it has a 24x24 size, 36 I find too large and 16 too small

Yeah, I agree. This is the best tileset out there, I just love the retro art style of it.
Take all the time you want and keep up the amzing work.

I agree, the other tilesets are functional but imo this is the only one that’s actually pretty. I’d love to see it continued.