Waldo Tileset(32x32)[abandoned]

Thank you. This is not only my tileset, even in the most part is not mine, and I do not know what will be enough time to create an author tileset . Probably not. This is his advantage and disadvantage this tileset at the same time. This is the most complete, but suffers a variety of styles. Tsu Tileset you used as a base. This is a wonderful author tileset, but the size of the tiles in 16x16 introduced a very serious limitations. You brought it to the size of 32x32 and gradually change the image. Once again, your drawings is wonderful. Now you can admire, but to play with it is still impossible. Therefore, I wish you strength, patience and inspiration to finish the job.

I apologize for my English by Google Translator …

This pleases my eyes greatly. Do finish it, please.

Good stuff, yet again! Cataclysm attracts a talented group of pixel artists :slight_smile:

Oh my gosh, this is incredible!

Might make me switch to 32x32 instead of ascii because it looks so amazing.

Swamp creature tiles

Spider tiles

Experimental version vehicle attachments

I love the way the vehicles look!

I don’t really use tilesets, but I might start using this one. It’s awesome!

so the invisible monsters are fixed now, i can keep playing this tileset.

Some underwears, medicines, mobs, foods… but not so much.

I’m on low morale, but will be fine XD

nether world creatures & some robots

stable version bows, crossbows, arrows, ammo

Everything here looks very cool, amazing job!

Just wanted to pipe in and say thank you for this tile set. Its actually what made me start playing this and kept me glued to the game over the last few weeks.

While i love old dos gfx (ive been trying to beat uMoria since the mid 80’s), i just didnt want to learn a new one for this game, which is increadable.

experimental desert terrain support & grass multitile

and some item tiles

Love this tileset! Keep it up, and I hope it gets into the mainline.

Really, great work, dude. Still waiting for Waldo :slight_smile:

This tileset is a good tileset.

Hi, Waldo. When will the next update?

It takes a while XD

Morale Modifiers:
Name value
not so satisfied with recent worked tiles -120
overwhelmed by experimental updated items -20
Total: -140

[quote=“Waldo, post:38, topic:4596”]It takes a while XD

looks amazing

[quote=“Waldo, post:38, topic:4596”]Morale Modifiers:
Name value
not so satisfied with recent worked tiles -120
overwhelmed by experimental updated items -20
Total: -140[/quote]
maybe you need some help?

I think that Galen/devs will be putting a freeze on adding content in the near future (for this next release at least - see the 0.9 announcement thread), so hopefully you won’t have too much more to add!!