Underground Galore idea

Hello all!

So for the pass days I started mining and gonna be honest besides the fact you can get coal and lime seems a bit empty in my part. So since I been studying a bit of JSON I was thinking of making a mod that expands upon the underground and makes it a bit more “full” and with more reasons to do it.

The mod I had in plan (and currently brainstorming and writting in a seperate Doc) will contain:

  1. Extended mineral items in game from quartz,obsidian,Ores,etc just expand on items of such. Quartz is a very important little guy for electronics and ores if found can be melted down in to ingots and such for use in many recipes with smithing,frames,weapons,etc and aswell add alternatives resources to many items alredy in game.

  2. Ways to obtain current other “mineral” items (as I call them) like gold,silver,dimonds, etc but don’t expect it to be easy. Gold can be obtain by going to rivers in small amounts and/or mining as a example.

  3. Add new underground dwelling creatures such as harmless giant stone worms,albino bats,dark wyrm hatchling, and upon other creatures that can be found undeground.

  4. Enchance the current mines in game by adding “veins” of ores and actually make them a mine besides what awaits you at the end.

This is a rather big ambitious and surely won’t be nothing of easy especially for some one who is just starting to understand and study JSON but I am very willing to give it a shot.

What you all think? Any suggestions?


You may want to look at DangerNoodle’s mining mod for inspiration.

Mining and refining is probably not going to be accepted into the base game, because the effort to dig fresh materials out of the ground is immense compared to just scavenging more stuff. But it’s a good mod for variant Innawoods games.

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I haven’t played the newest experimental version so I kinda dint know about a mining mod. I will see his mod and talk to him a bit actually thanks!

And the reason why I want to to make this mod is so the undeground is a bit full but as well to support a more inawoods run like you said! Maybe the player put cities insane distance or disable them all together. A way to get resources you need without being maul to death or needing to go insane distance is alot safer and more “at home” but is MUCH slower that is for sure but gives you what you need. Like alternative ways to get all you need juuuust…don’t expect it to be that efficent…

And as well with NPC’S you technically don’t need to do it all yourself especially with camps and such. They can alredy get wood and materials maybe once they are more polished the ability to gather raw resources undeground and progress.

And lastly I want undeground to have bit more dangers ya know? Surface is alredy crowded enough…plus ya never know what’s under your feet :slight_smile:

But really thanks alot for the feedback @mlangsdorf really apreciate it! Will see with danger noodles mod and such as well!


Could definitely be cool to have more underground locations. What with the strange burrowing worms we’ve go running around, who knows what might be down there? And what would you find directly below a Fungal Bloom or a Triffid Grove? Or excavator robots digging random subway and sewer tunnels because nobody ever turned them off. Lots of possibilities for an intrepid modder.


Mole rats on their home turf.

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I actually had ideas of adding some new location seeing we have huge molerats.

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I like this notion. The crazed robots are underused at the moment.


For the main game need resources indicating how feasible these various transformations are, but there’s no reason in principle they would be impossible.

Again, in the main game this is reality based, so need sources indicating how available these kinds of things are in reality. I expect there to be a number of things that are staggeringly common, others that are rare but common enough to be worth doing (copper comes to mind), and others that are likely too rare to meaningfully represent (gold and platinum).

No objection whatsoever here, the lore says there was a flood of extradimensional creatures, and it’s totally reasonable for some to settle into underground areas.

Same as above for other mineral sources, the vein concentration needs to be based on real-world sources.


Coal veins maybe? a quick online search says there were coal mines in New England even if it wasn’t a major industry.


I will preform research ASAP on these topics and seeing it’s new England could get a ratio from that area and see if some things are actually feasable. And then preform general research on how common/rare they can generally be in given area and how deep they can be found in the earth

But I can asure you that normal quartz is very common to the point it can be found on beaches all over and in mostly any cave. I have a box full of them from rosequartz and generic transparent ones all dug up nearby or found walking along beaches.

Thanks for the feedback keven!

And @crazykiddeath seeing there is coal in-game and can be mined that will be one of the first things I do actually. Coal veins.


I’ve run a fixed base mostly off coal before and while it can be done you end up spending a lot of time and mining a huge area to do it, having proper veins to go at would be excellent and might make steam powered vehicles more viable.


I been doing research on all minerals and writting relevant info in a doc to later post here and aswell with some code of some of the items.

Oh and i created a small “test” for the dark wyrm hatchling. Is this all correct? (How can I place this all in code format like sometimes I seen here?)

    "id": "mon_dark_wyrm",
    "type": "MONSTER",
    "name": "dark wyrm hatchling",
    "description": "A small mutated worm the size of a cat found deep underground.  Its maw is rather closed and inmature as it slithers about unable to borrow in the earth, and its flesh is a glossy and slick as blue slime covers its body.",
    "default_faction": "mutant",
    "species": [ "MUTANT" ],
    "volume": "32500 ml",
    "weight": 60000,
    "hp": 70,
    "speed": 80,
    "material": [ "flesh" ],
    "symbol": "s",
    "color": "blue",
    "aggression": 100,
    "morale": 100,
    "melee_skill": 6,
    "melee_dice": 2,
    "melee_dice_sides": 6,
    "melee_cut": 4,
    "dodge": 3,
    "armor_bash": 4,
    "harvest": "arachnid_acid",
    "death_function": [ "NORMAL" ],
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When you’re writing your post there is a little button that looks like </> which helps you format code. You can just highlight some text and click that button and it should do it automatically. Otherwise you can do it manually by adding four spaces to the beginning of every line of code. You can then use additional spaces to indent as you would normally.

  “id”: “mon_dark_wyrm”,
  “type”: “MONSTER”,
  “name”: “dark wyrm hatchling”,
  “description”: “A small mutated worm the size of a cat found deep underground. Its maw is rather closed and inmature as it slithers about unable to borrow in the earth, and its flesh is a glossy and slick as blue slime covers its body.”,
  “default_faction”: “mutant”,

Does the issue with the mining mod not letting you dig through rock been solved?.

And i think the creator of the Arcana mod, made a mod that expands the underground features (like adding caverns underground pools grass etc.) called “Dorf life” or something like that

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Dorf Life

This one is more gonna center around more the “resource” aspect of the undeground and expand upon it with a few added bonuses such a critters.

So there won’t be much of fancy caverns or such just add the ability to find and gather resources that would otherwise be only obtainable through scavenging. Allowing players to preform in a more “in a woods” play style like mention befor :slight_smile: But will add few little things

Been doing some research and here are my findings:

In new England, it was never a major mining region but even still small mines and quarry were raised and have been able to sustain it’s populous in the early days for years with needed materials. The “mayor” mines that have been raised were iron,coal and copper with iron being more abundant and infamus for its “bog iron” with new Hampshire having the highest consentration, Vermont and Massachusetts being tied 2th with 11 areas and Maine with the lowest of only 2

Precios metals on the other hand are not as abundant BUT there has been few small findings of gold in banks and rivers with the largest golden nugget being of 6 ounces found in the west river and many others but in very small amounts have been dug up as most are found in ,as said befor, banks and rivers in aceptable quantities…one gold abundant area was found in construction but was coverd by a parking lot! But what you won’t find mostly is silver. It’s there but mostly none existence with around only 2 areas known to yield.

But what new England is really known for is for its massive amount of granite, new Hampshire is called the “granite state” do to that fact. New England has been important source of granite through out America’s history and it’s quarry abundant and heavy! But aswell marble is found in large amounts and New England has been a important source for around 200 years!

I have checked few sources but this one right here really gives everything you have to know…really helped alot.
New England towns

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While I was working on the mod and coding a bit created a new zombie. One intended to spawn deep undeground
(once a miner or cave explorer infected and stuck inside such a place it turn pale white and eating anything, this zombie will spawn beside a few C.H.U.D corpses)

What you all think?

    "id": "mon_zombie_nether",
    "type": "MONSTER",
    "name": "zombie ozma",
    "description": "A what once seem human figure lost to nothing but deformation and mutilation. its gastly white flesh dosent hide the black goo inside as its yellow eyes dart in all dirrections brightlty. hands sharp with claws and long jet black needle teeth that could easily rip apart limbs. its best be careful.",
    "default_faction": "zombie",
    "species": [ "ZOMBIE", "HUMAN" ,"NETHER" ],
    "diff": 20,
    "volume": "82500 ml",
    "weight": 101500,
    "hp": 200,
    "speed": 115,
    "material": [ "flesh" ],
    "symbol": "Z",
    "color": "red_white",
    "aggression": 5,
    "morale": 100,
    "melee_skill": 6,
    "melee_dice": 4,
    "melee_dice_sides": 7,
    "melee_cut": 3,
    "dodge": 3,
    "vision_day": 4,
    "vision_night": 50,
    "harvest": "zombie",
    "path_settings": { "max_dist": 10 },
    "special_attacks": [ [ "scratch", 15 ] [ "SHRIEK", 10 ] ],
    "anger_triggers": [ "HURT", "PLAYER_CLOSE", "PLAYER_WEAK" ],
    "death_drops": "default_zombie_death_drops",
    "death_function": [ "NORMAL" ],
    "burn_into": "mon_zombie_scorched",
    "flags": [

So the mod will be changed up a bit.
It will still add a few minable resources like coal to make steam power vehicles bit easier to maintain and some others.

But now it will consentration on expanding the undeground as a whole: new monsters,locations,wildlife, etc. So far I took a bit if liberty to code a few alredy. Will be testing soon but here are a small amount of what is to be added.

●Stoneapiller= a large bulky worm found in the undeground, hard stone reinforced exoskeleton, harmeless. Can be killed for unique chitin and sometimes dropping coal and minerals when butcherd.
●Sulfufly= a odd cat size insect that calls lava it’s home. Always flying about near to munch on sulfure. Can be killed for sulfure and rarely “sulfugland” a sulfur filled sack that can be turn in to a throwable explosive.
● Mining robot= a large bulky robot that hustles around doing its work but it dosent seem to be in the right mind set.

●Dark wyrm hatchling=baby boi
●Light wyrm= rare albino darkwyrm, little tougher
●Dark wyrm broodmother= can be found last floor of mines. Dangerous and range attack. Spawns hatchlings. Unique drop.

●Hound of tindalos= a eyeless hound being from another dimension

●Dimensional shambler= a grotesc large slow humanoid with teleportation

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Can monsters actually use teleport effectively? would be a shame if they kept teleporting into solid walls and such.

Also, dunno if it would be possible but maybe something like a displacer beast, that makes use of the hologram and invis code?