Collapse beneath: Mod that makes the underground interesting

There us currently a “Color error” when you load the mod, You can ignore it when it pops up, will be fixed soon.

So back in the time made a thread discussing a mod i was working on, for that time been working in and out of it do to university and such impending my work. But after some time and the new 0.E i decided to get back on it and get this done and actually work with it. The mod is still under its old title but want to clean the file up and add more content before all is placed well.

This mod aims to add and expand the underground of cataclysm DDA with dangerous new ecosystems,critters,structures and overall expand the experience when going under the soil beneath you. As well aims to add a lot more Primitive advancement allowing survivors to technically progress without going to towns a lot more easier and just make things interesting.

Whats in the mod?:

This is a PROOF of concept, the mod itself is very well undone: Missing recipes, Items not spawning naturally yet, WIP values, High weight value (For testing),etc so don’t expect it to add much to your world if not just nothing but few critters,locations and items

In progress:

  1. New Map location being the “Abandon mine”. A large,maze like dungeon full of new critters,zeds and loot. Only 17% done, plan to expand to at least (7) Z-Levels down. Right now only 1 Z level is done and a Hidden second Z level where its meant to be a “Hint” to what is expected at lower depths.

  2. 5 new “Wild” Critters added: Stone-apillar , Stone Mantis, Dark wyrm Hatchling, Dark wyrm Albino,Sulfur-flies and rare Quartz-apillars.

  3. 2 new Nether enemies: Hounds of Tidelos and Dimensional Shambler

  4. 1 new Horror enemy: Dark Abhorrence (MIGHT not spawn as it needs to)

  5. New shop that spawn in towns “Mine shop”, a Mining hardware store that sells equipment for underground exploration and spelunking…well ONCE did not anymore (Little Buggy)

  6. Mine able resources such as Iron,copper and dedicated coal veins. Based on research and tried to do my best, with “Bog Iron” being rather common and few abandon mines. (Cant be smelted or worked with yet)

To be done:

  1. Ufracture weapons: Unique rare weapons one can find in special , Difficult, random overmap’s. These weapons are “Unknown Manufacture”, Made by those who have been out and about just like you, but have died out, leaving there heavily modified weapons or armor. These will be identified with “U-Fracture” To know if you found one. These weapons can range from a heavily modified rifle with single and twin burst capabilities and unique built in mods or tech-savvy genius little experiment left behind.

  2. The “CDC” Or “Chem-cell Development Company”: A company that inhabited the area, known for developing unique chemical-propelled firearms. Weapons or gear manufactured by this company are rare and scatter in abandon facilities or found in personal RnD labs Coughundegroundstuffcough. These weapons have signature very low magazine capacity (Highest one right now only has 3 shots) and don’t use gunpowder to propel there ammunition. These weapons are design to be efficient,quick reload and trustworthy with mostly none-existent Jams, low recoil and durability. But they are heavy and mostly un-modable, ammunition is a bit rare and to craft it requires rare resources as they don’t use common gunpowder but instead using a liquid propellant (Image a miniature dumb rocket, or a “Rocker gun” as people call them)

3.Obsidian work: Adding many recipes with obsidian from tip arrows,spears and misc items

  1. Rock chitin gear: when carving the stone creatures of the underground you get “Stone chitin” stronger and more durable than normal chitin but heavier and less flexible, you can get it but you cant craft with it yet.

  2. Underground plant life: Rocko-Poco plants, Different types of mushrooms and other plant life that can grow on stone tiles in the dark. Allowing to live underground and eat rather-not-so-tasty hard fruits.

  3. Tame the Worms!: Being able to tame the Stone-apillar and there quarts subspecies with small snacks made from quartz,underground plant life. There purpose is to have a companion capable of taking great amounts of abuse and damage while you do your escape or take easy pot-shots at them.

and much more!!! This is what it is so far and will work with it as time goes by at best of my abilities. I am not a dedicated coder and still new to this all.


Sounds really interesting… Will keep an eye on this.

Hounds of Tindalos are in the base game now.

I know, it’s hard to keep track, right?

Have not played the experimental only recently got back since the 0.E launched. Dint know that i will remove it and update the github once i finish a few things

Please don’t take this as criticism, I suspect that English isn’t your first language, and I know it can be a pretty difficult language to learn, so I’m trying to help you. There were a couple mistakes in your description:

  1. When you say “Abandon mine”, it really should be “Abandoned mine”.
  2. You often used “there” when you meant a possessive (something that belongs to them). The correct spelling for this is “their”. Remember, there are two words that sound the same, and you should get their usage correct. :slight_smile:

It looks like an interesting mod. I’ll be looking forward to seeing how it develops.


Hey no worries any help is appreciated! I will fix these errors quickly! thanks for the call outs and yes…English is not my first language so if there are any errors i will fix immediately.

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This sounds promising, and is good to gave more people making mods. i havent downloaded it, i will wait for the tame able creatures :3

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its best because this is more a proof of concept…so there is KINDA not much to even work with.
did a small test with a few fixes and…It works, The mine is there, the stone works spawn, the sulfur flies have a chance to spontaneously explode when attacked. so far not much errors so i hope i can finish at least the base for it


Inside the mine (W are the worms, The a near the lava one of the flies)

as well something else spawn witch…dint expect it to work…


Small update for the mod, i think i will be able to release a functional (NOT CONCEPT-PROOF) Version soon…well with like a lot missing but able to be played. slowly getting there and adding few things.

New “Dark wyrm Queen” being tested, it can give birth to 7 hatchlings each week and said hatchlings grow in to normal Wyrms in 13 in game days. the queen is immobile and spawns with multiple wyrms defending it and , chance, to spawn a Albino wyrm or “Light wyrm” to spawnwith her, a upgraded Darkwyrm that is faster, has range attacks and grapple. here i spawn a few queens and waited a few days to test there reproduction and…well it work

Here is the first rare “U fracture” weapon that can spawn in the mod

does it have problems if you use the “dorf life” mod?

Hmmmm good question actually.

But as of now should not as i am thinking of removing the minable resources and focus on just adding new underground locations,environments, mod specific underground resources (Only spawn in specific locations), etc seeing there are plenty of mining mods out there as far i seen

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So after some coding and working, changed alot as well wanted to point out i wont make the worms tamable for now, as in the discord Kevingranada did point out a future taming system and…To be honest would like to wait for that.

Going to update the Github tomorrow for sure with the new additions, just trying to fix up a few recipes and as well add final items to at least finish up the core of it all (And as well finish the ability to craft rock chitin armor)

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New version of the mod has been uploaded to github!
Um…as you can tell i don’t know how to use github that well, Ignore the “Deepworld” file, the “Collaps beneath” is the new one.

The new version of the mod dose not add much, fixes a lot of things. The color issue, you can now make explosive from sulfufly glands, mobs spawn correctly, the mine is now perfectly working.

If anyone has any ideas or can lend a hand would be very appreciated, i am not THAT good with all this :sweat_smile: but so far all has been working well and issues getting fixed.

Working on the Rock chitin armor, being able to craft obsidian gear (some is in game but cant be crafted), new obsidian terrain that spawns in the mines, new level of the mine, expanding the mine, first few weapons and as well small R&D building from CDC. As swell some underground plants and consumables. Removal of mineral terrain (such as copper,iron and coal since there are mods that add that already) and will replaced with mod specific terrain that add unique materials that can be used for crafting or needed to do specific things (Ideas range from crafting a “Key” like item to access lower levels of dungeons) and much more!