Uncomfortably Large Mutant cant fit through windows?

For some reason whenever I try to go through a window now, or even try to go through underbrush, I get a message “You can’t fit in there!” Is this new or did something wonky happen?

Not fitting through a window is intentional. underbrush is not.

good to know, but oh crap sneaky house looting may be over

The image of the Hulk trying to awkwardly climb over a windowsill is now stuck in my head.

that should be huge though, I thought large was just like The Rock or something

I think uncomfortably large makes you about the size of black beat.

but renently, a zombear smashed a windows (not the frame, the glass) and pursued me D:!

Good point. If realism is the kicker here, larger monsters like Hulks or Dragons shouldn’t be able to go through windows, either. Shoggoths could because they’re basically just goop.

This is the PR that made the change:

It is intended to stop all large and huge creatures from going through windows and other tight spaces. This includes monsters, NPCs and PCs. Not being able to pass through underbrush was not intended and is a bug that will hopefully be fixed soon.

The contributor who made that just vanished, so I’ll fix that now.

but it does affect monsters too now?

It always affected monsters?

I could see a black bear getting through a reasonably big window. If it’s a grizzly, though, forget it.

i ask because some days ago just saw a zombear smash through a window

This was only merged 4 days ago, so if it was before that, that was probably why.

TBF, smashing a window frame isn’t going to slow a hulk or similar down much and now you have the added danger of them collapsing the building on you.

A turn of advantege is better than nothing xD, and the with the bug of breaking thing making a hole in the ground, it adds a bit of assurance to escape, although at the cost of loot

It seems the fix left out friendly mobs and mounts

Even if i stand on the shrub, and select the option to switch positions, the mob gets moved to one side, no in the shrub

No, all creatures were covered. That’s something unrelated.

So that’s why I can’t mount a shrub and ride it through a window…