[Experimental] Smashing windows with rocks makes an rubble-mess

I started experimental today [version “05cd290”], I was in the shelter, then I grab a rock, hit a window and all the room filled with rubble. I don’t get hurt. Tested only with shelter, don’t yet with houses/other constructions.

It doesnt happen only with rocks though, smashing any window with anything has a chance to fill up half of the room with rubble. However, in the latest experimental (O.A 2082) this stopped happening to me so it’s probably fixed.

Yeah, a fix for it went in earlier today/yesterday IIRC.

Yeah please don’t report this bug cause vets will flame you. At least thats how it seems seeing it reported elsewhere.

lol, as it was said by i2amroy, its fixed… i can attest to that, as i tried it myself in the new experimental.
why the negative comments?

Daaaaamn! CleverRaven it’s the most active team ever. Just tested it, seems fixed :slight_smile: