Linked Critters!

Pretty much the idea is this:

Similar to vehicle creation. Allow for creatures to be HUGE ala indie film Monsters. Nothing more than 8 tiles for sanity and reality bubble reasons. But seriously. Blobs that link up! Fleshy mutants that got fused together ala Vampire:the masquerade flesh crafting.

Alien like other dimensional critters that are just big!

Stephen King’s The Mist story or film. Monsters, Monster The Dark Continent. Good examples of size.

Also really does follow our little game with blue gates. Plus a tactical OH $h!T moment when confronting such things lol

I agree, I really like the idea. It always seemed kind of funny to me that zombie hulks are supposed to be massive baddies, but they still take up the same space as a dog. An enemy that can pose a threat to a vehicle simply due to its mass is a cool concept.

It’s difficult technically, especially if they need to navigate and determine if they can fit through a gap. We’d love to have that kind of monster though.

There’s a “brain blob” that takes control of any nearby blobs and makes them move in formation, but it doesn’t end up working amazingly well. I’d like to take another crack at it at some point and perhaps make a contiguous giant blob monster (it’s kind of cheating because it can squeeze through tiny gaps.

When the beast destroys obstacle on its path, there is no gap.

That’s a really good point, it would be a much easier problem to add such a monster, a hulk might be a good option, additionally a tank bot could just shoot any obstacles between it and the player, which is much easier than navigating around them.