Ultica Tileset update thread

You can download the latest build per commit here:

  1. Click on the green arrow of the most top commit.
  2. Then CI Build > Details.
  3. You’ll need to find small Artifacts drop-out menu, then download build from there.
  4. Install it as described in README.md
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I’ll make another official release shortly


Coming along real nice. It’s borderline playable already.

You might want to add an unknown tile ID because it sometimes prevents worldgen for research lab starts currently. Although having such tiles generated at all seems like a worldgen problem to begin with so eh.

I’ve experimented some time with trying to make a Blender compositor for your style guide and here is a proof of concept:

Not the best model to show color reduction, I’ll make a different one later. The .blend file available upon request.

WIP Bulletin board: bulletin_board_32px (at least need a shadow to be adequate)
My main goal here is to test creating tiles with Blender, feel free to reject the idea and/or images.


That looks really interesting! There’s nothing wrong with pixel art via 3D if that’s how you work, although our orthographic projection is not actually an accurate 3d representation so it could be tricky. I’ll have to open that board up on a real comp and look closer


Update: I was able to produce a reasonably good blender 32px template, available in the Discord chat (can’t upload here).

Better color reduction (posterization) node group taken from this answer by aliasguru.
Example renders:
plbarrelhacksaw_solidify_0.3m_filter0.5 wrench wrench2_freestyle_filter0.5 laptop_green flare_gun dress_shirt_worn guitar_z90_filter0.25 peach horse_z45

Update: https://github.com/int-ua/blender-pixelart

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Hello Erk, just wanted to say I love your work!

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I’ve been neglecting this thread, but not Ultica.

We have filler sprites in so that harvestable fruit trees are recognizable. Hoping to get custom fruit trees soon, but this at least solves a play issue. We also got some great updates for natural tiles from barsoosayque!

The shadow glitch for trees has a solution, btw, I’ll probably be implementing it after 0.F (but maybe before if I get bored)

Nothing new in this post, but I love that buildings look so complete now.

The code is behind the graphics here. These vehicles are ready to roll out in mainline any day, just waiting for a single PR to catch up to the tileset. Once it’s all in, I will probably remove the “demo” tag from Ultica for good!


Haven’t played much since the whole fallout and the loss of the previous tileset that I used, and initially, I wasn’t sold on the Ultica visuals. But now that I’ve been away for a while, had a chance to decouple, and seeing more and more of this develop and look better and better, I’m keenly looking forward to it.

If it makes it outta demo for 0.F, that’d be great. I’ll probably jump back into the game around then.


I think the two major changes are that vehicles are no longer intentionally ugly filler art, and barsoosayque made a big project out of reducing background art contrast so that monsters and items “pop” out more. They’ve collectively really changed the look of the tileset.

One of these days I’ll entertain myself with a modpack for the set that makes the character sprites look like those big deformed anime things so many people like, too. That should help a few more of the fence-people.

Mod support. That’d be the key to getting people off the fence. UltiCa looks good, now that the vehicles don’t look like ass, but unless you play vanilla you’ll be getting a lot of angry alphabet interactions. And that’s NOT being overly critical, you’re basically one person with a bunch of projects already and some assistance as people can do so. There’s limits to human capacity.

Does the player sprite change based on what is worn/wielded?

It does. Despite still having some gaps, ultica is presently the most feature-complete set in the game: if you can do it with the graphics engine we’re doing it, including some things that won’t be implemented for a while yet.

As for mod support, many people who can’t stand fallbacks and use mods have started just using modpacks for other 32x32 tilesets in conjunction with ultica. It’s not my choice, but it gets the art in. I may eventually implement sprites for the mainline mods (there is some magiclysm stuff in already as a favour to korggent) but mostly I am not going to draw a ton of stuff I don’t play so that will be up to other people to put together.

In other news,


Am I the only one getting Xenonauts vibes from the last portion of screenshots? Only, it’s better.

I’ve got over 300 hours in Xenonauts and I’m not seeing it, so it might just be you :stuck_out_tongue:

Those vehicles look absolutely beautiful.

I agree. I am actually thinking about switching to ultica when 0.F is released.

Wow I gotta say I wasnt really sold on Ultica and Im more of an Undead_People tileset user. I originally was a Chesthole user but it started having too many broken tiles. But damn this tileset here is starting to look nice as hell. Man those vehicles ACTUALLY look like cars and not some ugly tiles thrown together.

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Are the vehicle parts all in yet? Armor, plows etc…

Do harvested underbrushes have altered sprite as well? Also how about ferns? There are two types of sprites used for both underbrushes and ferns interchangeably (so you can’t tell at a cursory glance which is which).