Twisted firestarting

Any plans on improving the firestarting system ?

Like the requirement of both tinder and kindling to get a fire started, the lighter atm feels like a mini flamethrower.

Is tinder part of the core game? I thought it was unique to “More Survival Tools”, but I haven’t really checked.

Tinder is a thing I added to More Survival Tools ages ago. Main purpose is for the ember carrier so you have a relatively renewable firestarter IF you’re willing to keep it fueled constantly. Also can be used with the hobo stove which serves as a hotplate, which is kinda cheap but only really useful due to all hotplates only really serving their intended purpose wihout requiring a lighter (otherwise you can and should just light a fire).

Sort of guessed that :p, still would be cool to see certain aspects of your mod incorperated into the core game and improved upon as I never really play without it

A few things here and there have been mainlined like the copper tools, and I recall was gonna add hooded hard hats to the mod, and Rivet had the idea of mainlining it right away.