Suvival in the woods - making fire

before you read this: my english is very bad and i hope you get what i´m trying to tell you here… :confused:

so i tried to play a caracter today that would never enter a cit or anything like that - just live in the woods forever. after playing a few days i found that there is no way of making fire without looting the right item… you need a lighter, a amtchbook or a magnifiing glass… i thought there may be a tool that could be added to the game that would make surviving in the wilds much more possible. the tool i was thinking of would be a firebow/firedrill or whatever you want to call it:

there a 2 types to make fire without modern tools, either get a plank with a hole in it and rotate i stick in the hole realy fast or do a similar thing with a “firebow” witch will make it warm up more easy. maybe the game could add an item called a firebow witch would require the player to be reloaded with tinderplugs or something in order to make fire… I have thought this may be a good idea:

fire bow(0)
max charges 10
ammunition: tinder plug
tool with cutting 1 or more
heavy stick
small string or 20 thread/sinew etc.
survival 2

tinder plug
5xpaper/cardboard box/rag/scewer/… basicly all little items that would burn away realy fast

so: tell me what you think of the idea, maybe make it a little harder even? but i would realy like to see this one added to the game

We already have fire bows. In-game they’re called ‘fire drill’, and you can craft them with survival skill level two.