Brawns Box - Wood, steel, sparks from rocks!

Today I got frustrated with fire-drills being clunky, my crude electric lighter gobbling up batteries (not so common in the wilderness), and how the flint-and-steel needs me to put down tinder before lighting a fire. So, I made a simple mod to combine all these things into one package; the simplicity of making a fire-drill, the robust nature of a flint-and-steel, and the reloadable functions of an electric lighter.

Brawns Box adds a tinderbox, just a small box filled with tinder, using a built in firesteel and flint. Activate it to make fires like any other fire-starting item, it uses up some tinder on deployment and holds 100 bits of tinder. I tested this in my personal (modded) game, in an innawoods playthrough, and I’m happy with it. Maybe you’ll be happy with it too!

((Note: this is my first mod, and as such I cannot absolutely guarantee this will not ruin or wreck any saves, immersion, or experience. Take the box at your own peril!))