Turrets are damn resistant

My toon is not well armored enough to face against a turret so when i can’t go around in a lab i try to destroy them with explosives. But it is almost impossible. They can survive a dynamite explosion next to them, grenade does nothing, also they are fire resistant because molotov cocktails are useless against them, they are unharmed by raging fire. I don’t think it is intended…

Edit: oops, i forgot to state an important detail: I have a problem with the turrets in the labs. I edited my first sentence to fix this.


  • active grenade gone in the fire without explosion.
  • i picked up a lit molotov(0) and it is just gone.
  • when i light the molotov cocktail i get a message it is already lit.

OS: Win 7 64bit
Version: 8063. build
Filthy Clothing
Disable NPC Needs (btw, chemical imbalance still make them thirsty)
More Survival Tools
Alternative Map Keys
Mutant NPCs
NPC traits

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2-3 sticks of dynamite usually suffice to destroy a turret, so it’s not impossible to blow them up. dynamite was my go-to solution, until I realized EMP grenades were a better option, so you can get quite a lot of mileage out of it, if you can mass produce it.

I’m fairly sure this level of resilience is actually intended, as these are supposed to be military grade weaponry. It makes sense for them to be resilient. Also nerfing them would remove some of the challenge from Lab challenge, so it seems unlikely to be changed.

Guns work fairly well. Proved you can hit them get a assault rifle and ammo and turrets fall apart basically any gun is death for them. You can tell if they can fire back if you go at then at night due to the fact their effective range is their floodlight range so if you come back in the day and stand at the distance their floodlights hit last night they will try to shoot you but will rarely hit you. They aren’t really powerful if your smart. Also they can barely kill zombies for some reason. 20 zombies is typically enough to kill them or at least get to them and hold it for awhile.

In the json file their size is small and their inactive version is 1.5kg and the volume is 3L. I think they are like the half-life turrets, guns on tripod.

They are not problem in open space but in the lab most of the time i should step into their firing line. I think the problem is with the explosives, they fail to damage armored targets properly…

The turrets can be beaten fairly easily in a lab but it depends on where they are in relation to you. Like the entrance turret for example it can’t see the stairs inside so just snipe it from there plus you get a modifier for your aim because it’s Lit Up which causes everything to be able to see it and makes it easier to hit. Plus if you deep in the lab just o pen doors so they can’t hit you don’t walk in them to open them and if you see a turret just close it and move on. If it’s in a large room like a storage room just snipe it or go around turrets aren’t that powerful as they don’t move. The sec bots on the other hand those will destroy you easily. Some with the skitter bots those in teams of two or more are scary as they can stun lock you easily. All in all turrets are the least of your concerns.

Use peak around corners command (X) to locate turrets in lab without allowing them to fire back. Then when you know where they are, just throw your dynamite (or preferably EMP grenade) at a space one tile away from the turret. You will almost always be able to get an angle that lets you see an adjacent space without seeing the turret, so you can just throw explosives at it until it dies.

My problem exacly when i can’t go around and the place is too small to snipe them. At least the secbot can be lured away and locked behind doors. But really it was not a problem in the old releases, as far i can remember i just tossed a grenade next to them and they exploded.

I know but explosives are rare and it is just silly a small turret can survive them.

Anyway i think it is an old problem, just not fixed yet.

EMP grenades only take electronics 4, and can be crafted with reasonably common materials. If you want to kill turrets with one explosion just use those.

Well, i will learn electronics then, thanks for the suggestion.

Are they auto learned now? Last I checked you needed Advanced Electronics or Anonymous Anarchists Annual for the recipe.

Unrelated: I thought “turrets” in the title was “turtles”.

If you start with 4 skill you start with the recipe. Otherwise you need a book. But if you’re going into a lab, finding the book is probably not super-difficult, considering you can loot towns for books. And if you’re starting off inside the lab, with the challenge scenario, then you should probably just use your available skill points from the scenario to get the starting skill.

Yeah, that’s why I always peek around corners to check for turrets and carry a control laptop with me.

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That. While my toons mostly hackers, i never had a control laptop, i always forget they are exists.

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Anyone been trying to test out the 2 turret mods? I think they’ve been ctd the game. As I dropped them from my list and no problems all day.