Emp Vs Robots

Robots and the such like those really should not detonate when killed by an emp blast. it not only makes directional emp kinda worthless, but it also doesn’t make too much sense, wherein your just frying the electronics. not breaching fuel cells or anything.

The emp likely fries enough of the power supply unit that its safety protocols fail and BAM. Or causes shorts and an electrical fire which cooks off the ammunition or fuel it still has.

Really it makes about as much sense as causing enough physical damage to disable the machine causing it to explode as well. It could happen, it might not, it depends on the engineering involved (and there’s plenty suggesting that few shits were reserved for safety) and the current extent of damage to the machine.

Direction emp is still plenty good. Really, if whatever robot it is can explode strongly enough to pose a threat, and you were that close to it, it’s amazing you aren’t already dead. Playing emp grenade catch with a tank drone is tons of fun. And emp causing a detonation isn’t guaranteed, as I’ve seen robots just collapse plenty.

im almost sure that turrets do not allways explode, they sometimes turn into reuseable item, manhacks do this too bu they never explode

Not sure about robots, but yeah, turrets don’t always explode and you can even take them apart for the ammo they have in them. That’s how I get almost all of my 5.56 rounds.

The concept is that the robots have a literal self-destruct to keep them from being captured and re-used against the original force.

Damn. Gotta love paranoid engineers.

And now I’m having FO4 flashbacks of dying meleeing robots.

The chance of turrets exploding actually seems to be linked to the strength of the EMP blast. I tend to try and aim my EMP grenades so that just the edge of the blast hits them, which increases the chance of them shutting down rather than exploding.

bionic emp blast is concetrated on one tile, i used to turn on cloak cbm and use directional emp to take out turrets, explosion caused less damage than 5.56 burst