Tung and Trelatyraelis's Blacklist Extravaganza

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Remove Dildo’s and Other Stuff Mod by Tung

Remove Meat and Junkfood by Trelatyraelis

No More Madmax Mod by Trelatyraelis


Actually only dildon’ts (the dildo removal mod) is Tung’s work. I said praise tung because it’s a joke about the fact it never made it into git because it was considered too problematic to remove dildos.
Anyway the vegan and madmax are mine. But they’re not broken or anything, you don’t have to backup your game because it’ll crash or something, they’re just blacklist mods. They don’t actually interfere with stuff.


The vegan mod has an issue where MREs don’t get disassembled, so you’re stuck with unopened MREs forever. Blah blah blah bugs are features basi cc ally the gist is that it wasn’t 100% intended but it’s not a big deal.

The madmax mod is counterproductive because it actually makes zombie drop more leather jackets and especially boots. I fixed this yesterday by adding a new leather jacket blacklist and editing the monsterdrops.json for zombies to only drop shoes 5% of the time. It works perfectly for me now, but since you can’t mod the monsterdrops.json in an override file without the game counting it as a double (or at least that’s what happened yesterday, if you manage tell me so I can bundle the mod with the override file) that’s still a manual job.

That’s it. I don’t really care about being credited for these two pieces of autism, just tung for his dildon’ts mod because he’s the guy that tried to merge it before the devil’s team told him no.

I include the back up your saves bit as a disclaimer. If someone breaks their save game and comes crying to me about it, I can point at the sign and then giggle a little bit.

I’m going to credit you anyway so people will know who to yell at. :wink:

I used your links, so any changes you want to make, feel free. Send me a PM with the changes and I’ll even update the post if you like.

As far as the monstergroups.json, yeah it sucks. Usually how I handle it is I pick my mods (right now, its basically all of them), then I go through each one and compile their groups into a new mod. Then I add the original group from data\json. The new mod gets loaded at the very bottom of the list, and then I can play with all of the mods without losing content. I have a combined monstergroups mod in the list, it’s fully commented and pretty easy to edit as required.

If someone cleaned it up, we could probably mainline a blacklist mod of this kind.
By cleaned up, I mean removed redundancy with existing mods (dildon’ts includes pretty much the entire no fictional guns mod), split off balancing and flavor (survivor weapons and maid clothing into different mods) and invented a more marketable name that appeals to broader audience.

The new blacklist could also include purely flavorful stuff like forks and glasses. There are lots of minor items with no real role except existing.

The updated versions on my computer are clean and ready to go, I could just reupload them. But are you sure that the removal of vibrators could ever be accepted into the mainline blacklist? I mean last time we tried there was lengthy discussion with a certain dev calling it sexist and an outright " I’m not even allowing thus as a mod in my game" talk.
Hell, there was even a poll thread about it I think.

Anyway I can split these in more sensible amounts with different names of course.

Hmm…my advice? Just ignore the prior controversy and go forward like it never happened. And changing the name to be more representative of what it actually does wouldn’t hurt.

Back then there was a limited “mod space”. Now that tabs exist, it’s easier to add new mods without running out of space.

Nowadays we have “no medieval weapons”, “no Rivtech”, “no survivor armor” etc.
A mod that removes vibrators, cat ears, fetish gear and joke items wouldn’t be out of place.
If it was just about those, it could be named “serious apocalypse” or something like that.

Not sure about the jewelery - bling isn’t really un-serious by itself.
There could be a separate mod that cuts down on all the flavor stuff like forks and diamonds.

I can’t guarantee a mod like that will get in, but I’m going to support the inclusion. I’d use a mod like that if it was mainlined (I’m too lazy to keep it updated otherwise).

If you’re going to quote someone as saying something, please actually quote them.

Two suggestions. One is to be respectful, I suspect the reason the last catchall blacklist mod never made it in is because some of its proponents were badmouthing the items in question in some very harsh terms, that’s a pretty terrible idea when the people you’re asking to do the merging authored the content in question.
Two is to have a clear rationale for each mod, based on the items in question not belonging in the setting, such as not existing in reality, being from the wrong genre, or not being common enough in New England to reasonably appear. I’m personally willing to merge one, and only one mod that blacklists “controversial things” with no rationale given, and I suggest that it be provided with none, because providing one would only serve to incite argument.

Alright, first draft of the “No Joke Items” mod.


It’s 48 joke or useless items (like the foon or the fork and the spoon, which unlike the spork don’t have any use in the game, even though the only use for the spork is the fact it is needed to disassemble MRE), to which I would also like to add

this jewellery pack, since it’s too small to be a mod on its own, but I understand that some people who pick the stylish trait might not see this as useless. Even the dental grills. Anyway Coolthulu, please let me know if there’s anything wrong.

Oh, and I almost forgot: I didn’t upload my no zombie animals mod, which does… pretty much what it says it does!

It’s at least one year old, but I’m assuming the spawning mechanics for those things are still wonky as hell by the time you reach summer/winter? Correct me if I’m wrong, if you guys fixed that then there would be no sense in adding it.

It’s just that with these mods and most of the other blacklists, plus some override mods of my creation that are mostly nerfs and quality of life fixes, even in winter, a survivor does not end up being an unparalleled death machine that can kill zombears with one hit, so being attacked by three in a row just to grab a glass of water gets annoying.

This is why i suggested you not provide a rationale, the vast majority of those items are not “jokes”, and the mod would not be merged with that name, again I suggest “controversial”, because that’s the only common factor.
Not clear, is this one list or two? Neither has an objective rationale, so both sub lists would fall into the catchall.
A zombie animals blacklist would be fine.