Item blacklist mod discussion

There are already mods taking care of survivor and Rivtech stuff.

The fedora just because. I can ignore the rest.

Why the dragonskin vest as well? Despite the sound of the name it’s a real thing that is already in commercial production.

Unless it’s overpowered or has a weird description, then that should probably be addressed instead.

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Agree to most of those, except for the Fedora. Isn’t that one just a regular hat people regularly wear? Don’t see the rationale behind removing that, but not other variety clothing like e.g. the wedding dress.

[quote=“AseaHeru, post:9, topic:6393”]cannibal things.

But have that as a separate blacklist mod perhaps?[/quote]

To be fair, being a cannibal in the first place is useless since NPCs, the only source of human flesh, are bugged as hell and playing with one is bound to give you a segfault error or just stalling for hours while someone just points a gun at you and doesn’t move. That said, being a cannibal has no impact on the game since cannibal items do not spawn and are only craftable with the “to serve man” book( rarely randomly generated and given to cannibals at the start, who are the only ones that get anything good from it), like all the other items the game is trying to blacklist and the only way of becoming one is getting the starting trait, which is only good for roleplaying. Blacklisting something so unobtrusive would be useless, in my opinion.

Human corpses are found elsewhere, mostly hospitals, outposts and dead groups of people about the place.

Except they’re rotten by the time you find them. Really, humans are as perishable as any other kind of animal, they don’t stay fresh forever and by the time you’ve found them they’re just good for the loot unless you’re a saprovore. Cannibal is a useless and almost completely unimplemented trait.

I’ve played about a half-dozen games as a Psychopath Cannibal with NPCs turned on, and NPCs aren’t that bad. They’ve corrupted my game once when I loaded a savefile with one hanging off the door of my vehicle, but that’s about it.

Without the ability to make diamond-coated weapons, the CVD lab finale is utterly useless. Folks wanting to boot the diamond gear might want to boot the finale too, or offer alternate uses for machinery that can synthesize materials and apply them as a coating to existing objects.

Something that was brought up in the PR is we shouldn’t be judgemental about it, if at least several people want it on the blacklist, it can go on it. if it breaks the game, whatever, that’s people’s choice to make.

…So why have I been constantly finding cannibal food stocked in houses, bunkers, kitchens, restaurants etc.?

To me it would make more sense to follow the trend of the RivTech/survivor gear mods and split off content blacklists (or additions) into separate thematic mods, rather than trying to make a one-size-fits-none blacklist.

For example, an “adult” blacklist: Playboy, vibrator, bondage gear, lost submissive profession, etc.; or an asian blacklist: asian weapons, dojos (if possible), otaku profession, etc.

If there’s a sensible rationale for blacklisting something, such as it not existing in the real world (flaming weapons, chainsaw-based weapons, scifi gear), or not existing commonly enough that it should reasonably appear in the game (quality medieval weapons, rare guns) it can go in a themed blacklist mod, this is for the rest, things that people want to exclude because they don’t like them.

Ohh… i know that this is optional and everything, but… if you take [quote=“trelatyraelis, post:3, topic:6393”]Diamond anything
bondage gear
clown attire
kitten ears/tail/collar
japanese weapons.
Mutagens (you can still receive badmuts from radiation sources)
Flaming weapons
The "Granade"
CBM “razor fingertips”.
Boeing XM’P plasma rifle
Fish Bowl
Dragonskin Vest
FB51 optical cloak
Dental grills
Jewellery(Jade/silver/gold hiarpins/necklaces)
Maid suits
Fusion blaster arm CBM
Chainsaw lajatang
RX12 jet injector

Edited: removed survivor and rivtech items since they’re already being handled by other mods. Also removed power armour due to some recent consideration about its extremely inefficient power consumption on the long run and its scarcity.

I think that’s it.[/quote]

you are kind of taking the fun out of the game. It does not have to be a reality simulator, it just has to be fun.

Taking out fedoras? What did they make to you?

Rivtech stuff? They are totally ok IMO, and the survivor stuff is too. Even more, the survivor stuff is plausible.

Fusion blaster arm? Really? In a world in the future, they should be totally a thing.

Jewelry. It’s a normal thing, and it goes with the trait that likes clothes.

MUTAGENS. C’mon. Why you don’t erase zombies?

Japanese weapons. The fun? Where?

And vibrators… well… i know they can be a bit polemic but… you can’t avoid saying that they are not normal.

That’s my opinion about this mod. Sorry if i was a bit rude. I also know it’s just an option, but you are taking the fun out of this game, specially if this appears recommended for new players. That would be really bad.

This mod is not recommended for new players by any means, it will default to off, and the description will be something along the lines of, “Controversial items mod - This mod removes items from the game that some players have objected to, it is strongly suggested that you open the mod in a text editor and remove the items that you do not have a problem with.”

Currently the tonfa, better known in the western world as a nightstick or side-handle police baton, is included in this mod due to its Japanese origin. I personally didn’t even consider it to be included in the Japanese weapons category due to its ubiquitousness in police work around the world, but whatever.

Would you all be okay with just changing the name to nightstick?


Learn new vocabulary and accept different cultures. The US in particular is based on that concept; the “melting pot” I believe it’s called.

I think a game set in America should use American names for things. Nightstick is accepted nomenclature in the western world, and using the term tonfa instead of nightstick is confusing and opaque.

The melting pot analogy is actually really bad, by the way. Melting pots break down and homogenize whatever they’re melting, the exact opposite of accepting difference. If the US really was a melting pot, places like New York’s Chinatown would be forceably broken up and the shops and residents scattered across the city.

I have always heard it referred to as a tonfa. A nightstick is another name for a baton, which lacks the perpendicular handle.