[MOD] Pre-0.F Blacklist and Rebalance Mod Compilation

==== What is this thread? ====

This is a compilation of Blacklist and Rebalance mods pre-packaged with base game prior to update 0.F. In update 0.F these mods were removed as they no longer fit the in-repo criteria, on top of being completely outdated, broken, and lacking in maintainers.

I have updated the formatting so that they launch properly, and added all the missing content to them in an attempt to make them relevant again. See post below for more info.

I did not originally make these mods and have not taken credit for maintaining them.
All credits are reserved for each mod’s respective owner.

== What did you actually do? ==

The 0.F update had the following impact on Blacklist mods:

  • Each item exclusion mod now required an additional line to launch without error.
  • Some listed items and monsters had their names changed or no longer existed.
  • Some newer items and monsters were missing completely.

I added the required field for each mod to work ("whitelist": false), removed obsolete items and monsters, and added missing entries since the mods were last updated by their creator.

I also renamed some folders (mainly punctuation), matched the mods’ idents to their folder’s name, and sorted all the entries by alphabetic order so they’re easier to edit and maintain in the future.

== Blacklists and Rebalances ==

No Anthills
Removes ants and anthills from the game.

  • Renamed from ‘No Ants’.
  • Added Fungal Ant.
  • Added Huge Acidic Ant.
  • Added Huge Ant.
  • Added Super Soldier Ant.

No Beehives
Removes bees and beehives from the game.

  • Renamed from ‘No Bees’.
  • Added Alpha Bee.
  • Added Huge Bee.

No Acidic Zombies
Removes all acid-based zombies from the game.

  • Renamed from ‘No Acid Zombies’.
  • Added Acidic Zombear.
  • Added Acidic Zombie Dog.
  • Added Blistered Horror.
  • Added Doctor Burns.
  • Added Zombie Urchin.

No Explosive Monsters
Removes all explosion-based monsters from the game.

  • Renamed from ‘No Explosive Zombies’.
  • Changed Zombie Grenadier (obsolete) to Dispatch NR-031.
  • Changed Zombie Elite Grenadier (obsolete) to Dispatch NR-V05-M.
  • Added Bloated Zombie.
  • Added Bloated Fungal Zombie.
  • Added Boomer.
  • Added Gangrenous Flesh.
  • Added Huge Boomer.
  • Added Unstable Flesh Raptor.

Note: Does not remove the recently-introduced Gasoline Zombies as that would make the mod incompatible with the Stable 0.F release.

No Zombie Animals
Removes all zombie animals from the game.

  • Added Acidic Zombear.
  • Added Acidic Zombie Dog.
  • Added Antlered Hammer.
  • Added Barghest.
  • Added Blistered Horror.
  • Added Boneplate Wolf.
  • Added Hulking Horror.
  • Added Mass of Zombie Spiders.
  • Added Shadowcat.
  • Added Skeletal Wolf.
  • Added Skeletal Zombear.
  • Added Spearcat Hunter.
  • Added Thorny Moose Shambler.
  • Added Tiger Wight.
  • Added Woodland Wight.
  • Added Zeindeer.
  • Added Zombeaver.
  • Added Zombie Cow.
  • Added Zombie Horse.
  • Added Zombull.

No Triffids
Removes all triffids from the game.

  • Added Biollante.
  • Added Biollante Sprig.
  • Added Biollante Sprout.
  • Added Creeper Hub.
  • Added Creeper Vine.
  • Added Triffid Flower.
  • Added Triffid Sprig.

No Antique Firearms
Removes all pre-Cold War firearms from the game.

  • Renamed from ‘No Old Guns’.
  • Added 3-Inch Ordnance Rifle.
  • Added 1887 Bootleg Shotgun.
  • Added Browning Hi-Power 9x19mm.
  • Added Browning Hi-Power .40 S&W.
  • Added Cannon Round Shot.
  • Added Colt Lightning .45 Carbine.
  • Added Double Barrel Shotgun.
  • Added FN 1910 .380.
  • Added FN 1910 6-Round Magazine.
  • Added Hi-Power 9x19mm 13-Round Magazine.
  • Added Hi-Power 9x19mm 15-Round Magazine.
  • Added Hi-Power .40 S&W 10-Round Magazine.
  • Added P38 8-Round Magazine.
  • Added PPK 8-Round Magazine.
  • Added M1897 Trench Gun.
  • Added M1911 Pistol.
  • Added Marlin 39A.
  • Added Mossberg Brownie.
  • Added Single Barrel Shotgun.
  • Added STEN 20-Round Makeshift Magazine.
  • Added STEN 32-Round Magazine.
  • Added S&W Model 10.
  • Added Thompson 20-Round Makeshift Magazine.
  • Added Walther P38.
  • Added Walther PPK.
  • Added Winchester Model 37.
  • Added Winchester Model 70.

Note #1: Does not remove newer M1911 models or conversions, just the original. Please don’t kill me.
Note #2: Does not remove the Browning A5 as it has been obsoleted in newer Experimental versions.

No Makeshift Firearms
Removes all makeshift firearms and magazines from the game.

  • Ported from ‘GoatGod’s Mod Compilation’.
  • Removed M1A.
  • Removed AR15.
  • Removed Remington 700 .30-06.
  • Added AR-10 5-Round Makeshift Magazine.
  • Added Coilgun.
  • Added Coilgun 50-Round makeshift Magazine.
  • Added Double Slam-Fire Pipe Shotgun.
  • Added FAL 5-Round Makeshift Magazine.
  • Added G3 5-Round Makeshift Magazine.
  • Added HK417 5-Round Makeshift Magazine.
  • Added Luty SMG: .40 S&W.
  • Added Luty SMG: .45.
  • Added Luty SMG: 9x19mm.
  • Added M14 5-Round Makeshift Magazine.
  • Added MAC-10 20-Round Makeshift Magazine.
  • Added Makeshift .40 20-Round Magazine.
  • Added Mini-14 5-Round Makeshift Magazine.
  • Added Pipe Rifle: .38 Special.
  • Added Pipe Rifle: .40 S&W.
  • Added Pipe Rifle: .44 Magnum.
  • Added SCAR-H 5-Round Makeshift Magazine.
  • Added Shotgun Revolver.
  • Added Slam-Fire Pipe Shotgun.
  • Added Thompson 20-Round Makeshift Magazine.
  • Added UMP45 20-Round Makeshift Magazine.

No Medieval Items
Removes medieval melee weapons, armors, and related books from the game.

  • Added Bagh Nakha.
  • Added Bokken.
  • Added Butterfly Swords.
  • Added Cavalry Sabre.
  • Added Chainmail Arms.
  • Added Chainmail Dog Armor.
  • Added Chainmail Feet.
  • Added Chainmail Hands.
  • Added Chainmail Hood.
  • Added Chainmail Horse Armor.
  • Added Chainmail Legs.
  • Added Chainmail Suit.
  • Added Cheap Kirpan.
  • Added Copper Pike.
  • Added Copper Spear.
  • Added Cudgel.
  • Added Cuirass Lightplate.
  • Added Dao.
  • Added Dory Spear.
  • Added Fake Bokken.
  • Added Fake Cavalry Sabre.
  • Added Fake Lucern Hammer.
  • Added Fake Naginata.
  • Added Fake Shillelagh.
  • Added Fake Tanto.
  • Added Fake Wakizashi.
  • Added Fake Zweihander.
  • Added Forked Spear.
  • Added Glass Machuahuitl.
  • Added Homemade Halfpike Spear.
  • Added Inferior Arming Sword.
  • Added Inferior Jian.
  • Added Inferior Longsword.
  • Added Inferior Naginata.
  • Added Inferior Scimitar.
  • Added Iron Javelin.
  • Added Javelin.
  • Added Ji.
  • Added Khopesh.
  • Added Kirpan.
  • Added Knife Baselard.
  • Added Lajatang.
  • Added Lucern Hammer.
  • Added Makeshift War Scythe.
  • Added Metal Leg Guards.
  • Added Mjolnir.
  • Added Pipe Spear.
  • Added Plate Leg Guards.
  • Added Razor Bullwhip.
  • Added Rebar Spear.
  • Added Shillelagh.
  • Added Spear Knife.
  • Added Steel Flail.
  • Added Stone Spear.
  • Added Superior Spear Knife.
  • Added Survivor Spear.
  • Added Tanto.
  • Added Tunic.
  • Added Weighted Shillelagh.
  • Added Wood Pike.
  • Added Wood Spear.
  • Added Wooden Flail.
  • Added Xiphos Sword.

Note #1: Does not remove the Chainmail Vest required to craft Chainmail Dog Harness and Chainmail Horse Armor. I was not able to remove or disable these recipes. Sorry!

Note #2: Does not remove medieval bows and their variants.

No Rivtech Gear
Removes all fictional Rivtech weapons, munitions and armor from the game.

  • Renamed from ‘No Fictional Guns’.
  • Removed L2307 Backup (obsolete).
  • Removed Leadworks Magazine Adapter (obsolete).
  • Removed RM99 Pistol (obsolete).
  • Added Modified RM121 Aux Shotgun.
  • Added Rivtech Design Binder.
  • Added RM13 Combat Armor.
  • Added RM11B Scout Rifle.
  • Added RM42 Fighting Knife.
  • Added RM451 Flamethrower.

Note: To remove all other fictional weaponry see No Sci-Fi Items.

No Sci-Fi Items
Removes far-future Sci-Fi items from the game.

Changelog (WIP)
  • Renamed from ‘No Sc-Fi Equipment’.
  • Removed Fusion Blaster Rifle (obsolete).
  • Removed L2307 Backup (obsolete).
  • Removed Leadworks Magazine Adapter (obsolete).
  • Added Alien Fronds.
  • Added Alien Fungus Chunk.
  • Added Alien Resin Chunk.
  • Added Alien Resin Pod.
  • Added Atomic Coffee.
  • Added Atomic Coffee Maker.
  • Added Atomic Lamp.
  • Added Atomic Reading Light.
  • Added Atomic Nightlight.
  • Added Atomic Headlamp.
  • Added Atomic Energy Drink.
  • Added Coilgun 50-Round Makeshift Magazine.
  • Added Concentrated Paralytic.
  • Added Cyan Scarf.
  • Added Cybernetic Neural Matrix.
  • Added Cybernetic Sensor.
  • Added Dehydrated Alien Fungus Chunk.
  • Added Electric Alien Frond.
  • Added Engraved Parabolic Dish.
  • Added Exodii Chassis.
  • Added Exodii Drone Chassis.
  • Added Fungal Fighter Sting.
  • Added Fungal Fluid Sac.
  • Added Fungal Seeds.
  • Added HM12 Dazzle Rifle.
  • Added H&K G80 20-Round Magazine.
  • Added Inscribed Metal Plates.
  • Added Leech Flower.
  • Added Marloss Berry.
  • Added Marloss Gel.
  • Added Marloss Seed.
  • Added Marloss Wine.
  • Added Mi-Go Bio-Gun.
  • Added Mycus Wine Must.
  • Added Oblong Device.
  • Added PA Md. 68 Battle Rifle.
  • Added PA Md. 68 Exodii 60-round Magazine.
  • Added PA Md. 71 Exodii 10-round Magazine.
  • Added PA Md. 71 Zombie Hunting Rifle.
  • Added Plutonium Ultralight Battery.
  • Added Plutonium Light Fuel Battery.
  • Added Plutonium Medium Fuel Battery.
  • Added Plutonium Heavy Fuel Battery.
  • Added Plutonium Fuel Cell.
  • Added Plutonium Military Fuel Cell.
  • Added Portal Generator.
  • Added Razorclaw Roe.
  • Added Rotary Device.
  • Added Sac of Paralytic Venom.
  • Added Unfamiliar Electronic Thingy.

Note #1: Does not remove Rivtech equipment. To remove Rivtech gear see No Rivtech Gear.

Note #2: Does not remove Sci-Fi vehicle parts or robot corpses.

Note #3: Probably eternally WIP, as it is really difficult to find all futuristic items in a futuristic game.

No Survivor Armor
Removes all survivor clothing and armor from the game.

  • Removed Atomic Headlamp.
  • Added XL Survivor Duster.
  • Added XL Survivor Fireboots.
  • Added XL Survivor Firehood.
  • Added XL Survivor Firesuit.
  • Added XL Survivor Gloves.
  • Added XL Survivor Heavy Boots.
  • Added XL Survivor Heavy Gloves.
  • Added XL Survivor Light Body Armor.
  • Added XL Survivor Light Boots.
  • Added XL Survivor Light Gloves.
  • Added XL Survivor Light Hood.
  • Added XL Survivor Light Pants.
  • Added XL Survivor Light Suit.
  • Added XL Survivor Pants.
  • Added XL Survivor Vest.
  • Added XL Survivor Winter Boots.
  • Added XL Survivor Winter Gloves.
  • Added XL Survivor Winter Hood.
  • Added XL Survivor Winter Suit.

Removes all installable bionics from the game.

  • Split from ‘Dark Skies Above’.
  • Added Close Quarters Battle CBM.
  • Added Power Storage Mk. II CBM.
  • Added Synaptic Regeneration CBM.
  • Added Weather Reader CBM.

No Mutagen
Removes all mutation-related items from the game.

  • Removed Tainted Tornado (obsolete).
  • Added Congealed Blood.
  • Added Mouse Mutagen.
  • Added Mouse Serum.
  • Added Purifier Smart Shot.

Note: Does not disable the Robust Genetics trait like Dark Skies Above does, as characters can still get exposed to radiation and get better mutations through it.

No Religious Texts
Removes all religious scriptures from the game.

  • Renamed from ‘No Religious Books’.
  • Added Mycenacean Hymns.
  • Added The Satanic Bible.

No Filthy Clothing
Clothes zombies drop are now completely clean.

  • Renamed from ‘No Filthy Clothes’.
  • Now uses a different method to filter filthy clothing; instead of utilizing an EXTERNAL_OPTION (obsolete), the mod removes the FILTHY tag from the entire zombie group.

No Faulty Parts
Vehicle parts are perfectly reliable and never spawn with faults or develop them.

No Vitamins
Disables vitamin tracking and related disorders.

No Zombie Revivification
Disables zombie revival.

Manual Bionic Install
Allows CBMs to be installed by hand.

Safe Autodoc
Autodoc operations are completely safe regardless of player skill.

Faster Healing
Increases broken limb mending speed and effectiveness of healing items.

Faster Zombies
Doubles zombie speed.

Slower Zombies
Halves zombie speed.

Tougher Zombies
Doubles zombie health.

Zombie Nightvision
Gives zombies perfect nightvision.


=== Notes and Disclaimers ===

All mods were tested using Stable 0.F-bc28921 (03/07) and Experimental 0.F-a27f801 (18/07).
If you’re using a launcher to play CDDA you will have to remove these mods from the replacements.json file, otherwise they will get removed each time you launch the game.

The mods in this list do not exclude custom modded items and monsters (e.g. Aftershock).

Some items never spawned naturally around the world, they were added because future buildings may contain them (CDDA has history of making modded buildings vanilla).

Needless to say, the changelogs may feature some item and monster spoilers. To clarify: the items listed in the changelog are added in addition to the creators’ original work, which is not listed here, unless specified otherwise. “Added” means the item will not appear in-game, “Removed” means it used to be in the Blacklist but now spawns naturally again.

Some of the mods (those without changes) were already working without my intervention. That said, they are no longer included with base game and may prove difficult to find if you don’t use GitHub or certain compilation modpacks. I have reuploaded them for your convenience.

None of the Rebalance mods spit errors at launch so I’m assuming they’re doing their job, although I was not able to extensively test mods like Fast Healing and No Vitamins.

If I missed an item or a monster, or something doesn’t work, please let me know in a post down below.

== Where are the other mods? ==

If you’re a veteran player you may remember there being way more Blacklist and Rebalance mods featured in the game, and rightfully so. Some mods were introduced as experimental features at the time, later fully merged into base game.

Some were merged into other mods, many of them in this list. Some are no longer necessary because the things they remove were removed from base game itself, or because the code was changed breaking them. Here is a full list of mods featured prior to update 0.F yet not featured in this list:

* NPC Traits                    - Mainlined.
* Filthy Morale                 - Mainlined.
* Sleep Deprivation             - Mainlined.
* Classic Zombies               - Merged into Darks Days of the Dead.
* Mutant NPCs                   - Merged into Aftershock.
* Mundane Zombies               - Redundant; no clear criteria for exclusion.
* No Big Zombies                - Redundant; no clear criteria for exclusion.
* No Energy Weapons             - Merged into No Sci-Fi Items.
* No Powered Armor              - Merged into No Sci-Fi Items.
* No Flaming Weapons            - Obsolete; entries no longer part of vanilla.
* No Joke Monsters              - Obsolete; entries no longer part of vanilla.

For other custom Blacklist and Rebalance mods, like no frozen foods, and lesser morale penalties, check out GoatGod’s Mod Compilation on GitHub. I do not take responsibility for any outdated or incompatible mods you find.

== Credits and Special Thanks ==

Restoring all these mods would’ve not been possible without these people:

And of course to each and every mod creator who originally created these mods.
Thanks a bunch, folks!


Thanks and well done.
Time to ramp up the Z threat. :slight_smile:

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Just so you know, the game will actively delete some of these mods from the world list as soon as you exit and reload the game. As is, if you create a world with some of these it will work until you close the game, then take them off the mod list.

In your cdda/data/mods folder is a file called replacements.json. You need to delete the mods you want to keep from this file. Very annoying.

  • Shane

edit: This is playing with the launcher on F.0 Stable BTW


Really great post, i was wondering what and what not have been mainlined into the new version…

Thanks for the work.

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Thanks for letting me know; I will put this information in the Notes and Disclaimers section.

In the future, I would strongly advise against using the launcher to manage your CDDA install.

You should generally know what version you’re updating to and, if possible, what changes were made, what issues arrive with it. I know for a fact the launcher will actively remove older mods people use in their saves on previous versions, and also that the mods will not go away if you’re not using the launcher at all (trust me, I’ve had to launch 0.F upwards of 50 times with those mods just to test them).

Thank you for the kind words :heart:

It has come to my attention that newer experimentals (released hours, or days ago, way after posting this list) may have added new items and monsters that fit the exclusion criteria featured in these mods. The mods have deliberately not been updated to remove those yet; they will become incompatible with the Stable release and older experimentals that do not contain these additions if they do.

In particular, I know of one addition, the gasoline zombie, that could fit the No Explosive Monsters mod very nicely. Since this will most likely be a reoccurring issue as new content gets added, I have decided that I will update the mods once again in the next Stable release, as I would like to assume (would love to see some statistics on that!) most newer players will be using Stable.

Worse comes to worst, I will have to feature multiple versions of the mod applicable to multiple versions of the game, but until then I would like to avoid clutter and confusion as much as possible.

Change the id of the mods so that they are not ids that appear on that list to fix it.

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I did this very thing. It appears that the “Replacements” file is not the launcher, but cdda itself. All I did was take out the underscores in the ident so “No_Zombie_Animals” becomes “NoZombieAnimals” rinse and repeat for all the others. Worked like a charm.

  • Shane
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Thanks for maintaining these. Would you mind providing a merged download link given the small sizes?

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I deliberately avoided posting a link in the OP to download everything in order to avoid confusion, but I knew this question would come up sooner or later.

These mods are not meant to be enabled all at once. This was mentioned in the Discord FAQ but I will repeat and summarize briefly: this isn’t a modpack, and even if it were you are meant to pick-and-choose your content instead of enabling everything and modding the game to death.

While you won’t encounter incompatibilities or errors with everything enabled I feel doing that would result in an extremely boring and dull gameplay, so please don’t. You can grab all the mods here.

Oh I didn’t mean I wanted to use every mod but for convenience its much better to download everything at once and extract it only when you intend to use it because of the small size its just so time efficient. Although I did download everything individually prior to asking regardless, it took around 2 to 3 minutes (because mega acts strangely with multiple small downloads). I was mostly thinking about other people or maybe once (if?) its time to update it would be more convenient then as well.

Though I do understand the need for a disclaimer but it is also true that a newbie could download everything individually and enable them all even without a pack. For that reason I would fully recommend adding the disclaimer to the opening post or at least the second post that already has a disclaimer section.

Thanks again by the way.

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Thank you for restoring these mods. You really help make this game enjoyable for other players.
The Safe Autodoc mod seems to have been 404’d, and there’s no working download link.