KawaiiMaidMod Translation

So I translated KawaiiMaidMod about two weeks ago, and only realized I forgot to post it here. Some quick info:

  • This mod contains a functional store that uses teleportation to deliver goods and buy resource packages
  • This mod contains a number of higher-end transforming melee and bow weapons. It therefore provides a good late-game balance to the many firearms expansion mods
  • This mod also contains cute outfits. Already fully integrated with SomeDeadGuy’s graphical pack.

I’m not the author, I just translated the darn thing. Though I did tweak a few minor things to help with balance.


EDIT: I forgot the link. It’s n-not like I wanted you to download it or anything.


I think you forgot the link to the mod. :slight_smile:


Got the link until it gets added to first post

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Thanks for that, can’t believe I forgot the link.

Sooooo (I guess this being uploading in September and the game update being new is probably the issue) but does anyone know what might be up with this error?? (I have literally no idea how to hide text on this forum, so sorry about that, anywayy)

DEBUG : Received unrecognized iuse function IUSE_KAWAII_AMTS_KIT, using iuse::none instead

FUNCTION : use_function Item_factory::usage_from_string(const string&) const
FILE : src/item_factory.cpp
LINE : 2446

The _KIT bit changes to 3 other things, if that helps
And ofcourse when trying to continue the game crashes when loading items

~This is probably pointless posting but like~
Sorry for the wall of text, I guess

the preload.lua and main.lua are outdated in this translated version, from what I understand. Not a big surprise if you consider that the translation was from the modversion 2.1.3, while the mod in the original is already at 2.4.11.

You can solve those errors by putting the newest preload.lua and main.lua into the translated modfolder. You can find those at this link:
There is, of course, an issue with this solution: The special Menus from the AMTS system are all in japanese again, because their text originate from those two luas :slight_smile: You could, in theory, use the old translated luas and copy-paste the translations manually in the new ones without editing the code though.
Also, there might be slight issues if you’re trying to get something that isn’t in the old translated mod. From what I gathered, there were several new spears in 2.4.4 and possibly other items which aren’t in the old translated version.

I really aught to just learn Japanese…

Oh, thankyouu for the help

My pleasure. To be honest, I am currently using this mod too, and it took a bit for me to figure out that the Issue was inside one of these luas (or maybe even in both) ; When i saw your post, I figured I might as well help you out, so you don’t have to do the same work I did. :heart:
Now, go out there and fight like a cute maid! or schoolgirl! or nun! …Or something else, whatever floats your boat :wink:

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Gotta say- thanks for this info. I too enjoy me some maids and was a bit miffed to see it no longer working. As you say the AMTS menus are indeed Japanese now- but I was mainly into this mod for its cute clothes and whatnot- gives a use to all them otherwise useless/suicidal NPCs out there.
Hope this gets another translation. Its nice to have a use for the few diamonds you find in jewelry stores/ Armored vans.

Updated version available here. Working as of latest experimental.
I’ve ported over veedanya’s translations where I could and managed to piece together the rest.
I’ve also modified the text in some places to make it sound better, and made a few changes to how menus display things as well.

It seems to work fine for me, but if you come across any problems, feel free to ask and I’ll take a crack at it.


Everytime I activate the “Fashionable Box of Notes” it shows the text then crashes. Any idea why?

If you are useing the 8219 I think the newest version of Android is… then the LUA is plain broken

Plazma-san if your around anywhere it would be epic if you can try to get kawaiimaid-chan to start playing nice with android version 8219~~

…Been at it myself but i have long forgotten lua and I can’t begin to understand the problem…


Okaaay… so messing with thingys more in preload.lua and remove the line number 423
" player:i_rem(item) "
I can open the first box without ctd… but the box is still in my inv and the two items get added as well… hmmmm…
(insert I have no idea what I am doing Meme here)


Think I got a still pretty buggy/ohgoddesswhatamonster fix somewhat working… but I have been up for many more hours then I should have so ima sleep see what I can fix up when I awaken…

If anyone who knows what there doing wants to drop in and just outright fix this please do.

… All this for my maid store… Worth it.

P.S. seems like the problem is with the “i_rem” lines… I think.

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I’m not really sure what happened to cause the crashes in the versions in between, but it seems to work on version 8266 without crashing, looks like.

just tried on newest android version and it’s not working.

Maybe it’s just bad on android version then?