Tuck in your ****ing head!

Winter time. I am the luckiest ever because I got stuck in a shelter with a big fat down-filled blanket at my disposal. I wore double of basically everything, sat in front of a fire, and you know what? I was set. I was sitting around a bit chilly, but still pretty comfortable considering I’m in a hole in the middle of winter with no climate control. Shoulda been perfect, really.

Except I caught frost bite all over my face. Why? Because apparently, when you are given a down blanket and you’re faced with the notion of freezing to death, tucking in your head and surrounding yourself in that life-saving warmth just is not acceptable, for some reason. Which reason? Couldn’t tell you. But my character had no head gear and REFUSED to try to warm any part of her body above her neck, and she thus caught frostbite. Whilst sitting IN FRONT OF A FIRE, wrapped in a DOWN BLANKET. Also pretty sure she was wearing a winter coat, which LIES and says that it has a hood. It most certainly DOES NOT have a hood. And even if it did, my character never would have thought to tuck in her chin and keep her freaking mouth from freezing solid because nooooo, that’s not ok.

Would anyone like to begin pointing out the illogical nature of what exactly occurred here? I suppose I could, although all I really would ask for is for the bloody heating model to get worked on so I don’t have to grind my teeth watching them just…wow. WOW that was the most frustrating thing ever. I wanted to just grab her and slap her and ask her what the hell.

Tl;dr: fix blankets. And also the heat modeling. Please and thank.

FWIW the sleeping process uses as much of the gear laying around on the tile where you’re sleeping as it takes in order to keep you comfortable. Gear will be nestled/snuggled into as needed.

So in future, simply dump the spare clothing and blanket on your “bed” tile rather than wearing it. (Wearing means that you’ve got it wrapped around you for constant warmth whilst moving around and adventuring, etc.)

Thanks for the feedback. Here I thought Roomy Shell wasn’t working properly.

A request I have gotten more than once is to detect when the player is staying put, and to apply heat bonuses the same way as sleeping would. For example, you’re sitting in a bed reading; one would expect you would get into the sheets to keep warm if necessary. Perhaps that sleep code could be generalized into a “have you moved?” code. If you haven’t moved, and no enemies are around(?), and other reasons(?), you snuggle up your items and keep warm. Maybe items worn that are “oversized” will automatically provide warmth to all body parts.

It’d be nice if all those chairs and what not I bother adding to buildings I stay in a while had a bonus associated with them… XD

My ideas:
Allow reading, crafting and waiting to use items on the ground just like sleeping does.
Hoods and pockets adding actual item warmth instead of the 10 (!) they add.
Hoods helping more with windchill (I think they’re ignored at the moment).
Adjacent fire having a much stronger effect when it’s desirable. You can extend arms/legs over a fire or even lean above it.

Comment, support etc.