Mouth warmth should apply to head, my face shouldn't be melting off in cold weather with a good scarf

to put it lightly, turbans are hard garbage and day 1 is often very, very cold.
scarves provide much more warmth, wouldn’t it make sense of some of mouth warmth to be carried over to head warmth and perhaps ignored if head warmth exceeds a certain threshold so as to not break those whom already have their head layers sorted?

my face doesn’t melt off if I’ve got a great, super warm hat and no or a shitty scarf irl in low temperatures, neither does my face melt off if I have a great, super warm scarf and sub-par headgear.

one could use the keffiyeh, for it’s hood, but that doesn’t really provide nearly enough warmth given on day 1 I’m seeing anywhere from -100 warmth to -63 on average.

my main point here is the temperature system feels too much like body parts melting off than anything on day 1 and really needs to be re-balanced given how damn cold it is, I survive fine, but I’m thinking of new players here.

Some games I’ll have a fled the riots start at midnight and don’t have a light source or a safe place to craft a scarf or hat, and there is a hat/scarf shortage in spawns in cities for a while, this also often applies to gloves, but it’s less extreme than both mouth and head being cold melting my character’s head off if I’m unlucky with loot.

my character being squeamish and therefore unable to wear filthy clothes doesn’t help here.

edit: so exposure should really be something extended, something to treat that will be problematic later and reduce stats/speed NOW, but will not literally melt half of my face health or more off by hour 6 on day 1 if I’m unlucky and get flurries as weather.

Lol. Ever wear a scarf about the neck and mouth in winter, but lack ear protection? Ever try to run or do any moderate labour wearing a coat/scarf but no hat in winter?

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What PK is trying to say here, is that Warmth doesn’t work like that IRL.

I have some really warm coats with nice hoods, but that doesn’t do jack for my face.

Also, are you talking about being too cold or too warm? The language you are using keep contradicting itself.

I suppose what I’m trying to imply is that the system feels too like face melts-off-y

I frequently as a child wore a long sleeved shirt, school pants and sneakers and was fine, if a little uncomfortable on a 0 degrees Celsius day

my face did not start melting off, being a warm part of the body, my hands honestly took the brunt of the ‘your x hurts’ lol

Sounds like you’re describing a bug. Do you have screenshots?

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It’s the same thing as I reported a while ago, day 1 having -103 or so to all unclothed body parts in warmth, as fun as it is for someone that’s been playing since 2012 to scramble for clothing, a more normal shelter start with slow wooden needle crafting doesn’t cut it so well for newer players I imagine.

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I think there may be some confusion because you keep talking about faces “melting” which makes it sound like your character’s mouth is getting too hot (things normally melt when they get hotter and freeze when they get colder). Based on the context it sounds like you actually mean your character’s face is getting very cold and taking damage.

I agree that sometimes it seems weird that my character has a freezing mouth when they are completely comfortable otherwise. I think the problem is that the game is simulating very extreme weather like heavy snowfall with high winds but you think it’s just ordinary snow because all you see is a snow animation and a few messages about feeling cold. In the kind of extreme weather the game is simulating, though, you can definitely get frostbite on any exposed part of your body even if your skin is perfectly warm only a few inches away.

(P.S. if your character’s face really is getting too hot on day 1 of spring then that’s probably a bug)

Yes. I don’t wear hats at all. Just a scarf and some longer-than-average hair. Mind you, it’s -15 to -25 degrees Celsius in Russia in winter.

Never done hard work in winter, though. Except for snow plowing. Which didn’t make me die or catch a cold.

Note human temperature tolerance and control between individual people vary quite a bit base on genes and what not. How you would implement somthing like this in game is beyond me (maybe mutations) but for now player charcter is just a human that seems to not be able to handle cold or warmth to well (could just be a balance issue/thing). Also note I think a temperature rework was in the works maybe if I recall right.

point is your character shouldn’t automatically be balding :stuck_out_tongue:
that and extreme weather day 1 isn’t very balanced and is not how it used to be

DDA does a pretty poor job of handling temperature and body heat regulation. Everybody (every player at least) has circulation problems like a fragile old granny, gets frostbite when the air temperature is above freezing, and is in grave peril of heatstroke on a pleasant summer afternoon.

If you’d like to play the game without a desperate rush to find or fabricate clothing, I recommend using the world-gen settings to start about 2/3 of the way through Spring, and maybe turn Monster Evolution down a little to compensate.

Hopefully eventually the game will be altered so that the heat tracking system is calibrated to match real life experiences, but for now it’s trapped in feature hell, where the system that may one day make the game great is currently a flaw that has to be suffered through to get to the good parts.

I agree with the gist of what the OP is saying: more circulation sharing heat from warm areas to cold areas would probably be a good start, if that’s possible with the current model.

that and both head AND mouth cold damage stack really hard, which is a pain because it’s very easy to find any warm item except if you’re lucky a hat (turbans are garbage, not all shelters spawn with emergency jackets and even their hoods aren’t good enough, keffiyeh hoods aren’t good enough either.

The game reports literally -106 warmth on the bare head, are all characters bald?

-106 is probably a bug (unless maybe you’re wet/injured there and it’s very windy?). I spawned a new character and I’m getting -35. Try reverting to an older build if you’re getting -106 on a newly created character.

-100 heat is quite possible on the first day, if youre unlucky. There is significant variation in weather on day 1.

-100 was a problem in a few recent experimentals, but that’s been lessened in the most recent ones.

I believe that the temperature system in the game needs addressing and I think that most people would agree with that. There have been other discussions about an insulation system, rather than the current heat system, and the impression I got is generally ‘It’s going to happen eventually’.

As to a lot of these specific complaints, I’ve literally never had half the trouble all of you are talking about. Even when I use the Sheltered start (beginning in Winter) and a character with standard equipment, I don’t struggle at all. Unless you’re beginning the game with a mostly naked character I can’t imagine being so cold.

Worst I’ve experienced is cold hands or head, and both of those can be remedied pretty easily with (almost) immediately craftable equipment.

So it’s very odd to me to hear people talk about a mad-dash to find clothing. This has literally never been an issue for me, and clothing has never been a priority. Although, admittedly, I like to have a balaclava within the first few days.

For aesthetic purposes.