How does body temerature and clothing work right now?

I searched around the forum and I have only found out that the system doesn’t seem very intuitive, and is being worked on. Could someone please explain how coldness works either in 0.B or the latest experimenal (if it has been changed)? Some examples and questions:

1: Is the heat score listed in the @ screen your current heat, or simply how much your clothing covers you thus reducing the effect of the cold.

2: My entire body is warm and confortable but my face or other singular body part and I am still “very cold”. Is my body temperature very cold, or simply that one part gameplay wise? Is there a risk of losing a body part (or however frostbite works) to this?

3: If I have negative mutations like claws, hooves or talons can I keep them warm (or at least prevent frostbite) without XL clothing, or rare CBM?

4: Is there heat from sources that you would expect and could you use them to warm up? Lighting fires doesn’t seem to do much outside of a forest fire. It would be amazing if you found a working stove and used it to keep warm (unlikely if you didn’t build it, but possible).

  1. Its the second, i guess, given it changes immediately on dress up and never changes otherwise.

  2. Fires (stoves, at least) warm you up, it takes much more time than in real life, though. Assuming you would try to warm up by fire, that is.

  1. It’s your current heat onto that bodypart. Note on the colour to check if you’re good for sleeping:
    (Red or higher, never really been this hot.) - SO HOOOOT
    (Yellow) - Warm
    (Green) - Comfortable
    (Light Blue) - Chilly
    (Blue or lower) - SO COOOLLLD
    Not sure what the exact numbers are, but try to aim for green or yellow if you can - around 20 is a suitable warmth for sleeping. Your warmth is indeed affected by your clothes and whether you’re outside or not.

  2. If one part of your body is very cold, it’ll still count you as being very cold. Frostbite will cause pain, and even more so when you dethaw it, and should generally be avoided. Depending on the body part, frostbite will give debuffs. (For example head frostbite will reduce your INT. I think.)

  3. If it says you can’t put it on because [X] mutation is in the way, then it’s not going to warm you up at all! Just see if your mutation allows you to put on the item of clothing, if it does it’ll give you warmth, if it doesn’t allow you to put on said clothing then make some XL stuff (or a cloak. Cloaks are always good.)

  4. As Maur said, stoves will warm you up. Lava works very nicely too, just don’t get too close! Stay at a suitable distance and you should be just fiiiine.

  1. Value listed in @ is the temperature (in arbitrary units) you’ll eventually reach if everything stays like it is now. You’re aiming to have those around 0, but it’s OK as long as they’re not dark blue or red.

  2. Nope. XL clothing or you’ll have problems with this. You can always drop a lot of clothing and try to sleep - during the time spent on the ground that has large clothing, your survivor will cover themselves with the clothing like with a blanket.
    Only clothing that covers torso or legs is used, but it will heat up all bodyparts when used this way. The larger volume the more heat it will give (it will give as much as wearing it at 10 volume, 2x as much at 20 volume etc.).
    I used it to stay un-frozen in winter lab, so it works really well.

  3. If you’re playing stable, small fires won’t help. In experimentals, you can use them to heat up your hands and arms much faster, but you need to be adjacent.

Thank you for the explanations! I’m happy to see heating from fires fixed in experimental, I’ll have to try that out after my current survivor stops surviving.