Towing line and towing trucks

we need have a way to tow cars and other stuff round with us, or to pull car out of the way, and if the car or bus is too heavy then the tow line your using will snap, like a light to a heavy duty one.

and maybe a launch bay too to hold a bike on your car or bus so you can ride round in a small bike into citys and not your big bus that holding all your stuff?

Derp. This has been suggested and discussed many times before. The short answer is that we don’t yet have the vehicle physics needed to simulate how towing would logically work, as the easiest available solution (literally treat 2 vehicles as one) would make it a long solid block of vehicle that turns inflexibly.

Just throwing an idea here… one that’s probably been suggested before, plus I have no idea how vehicle physics work. Anyway, how about a hypothetical tow line acting like an NPC dragging a vehicle? I remember my survivor dragging a very lightweight tractor-like vehicle made to plow soil… though then again it only worked in straight lines.

Dragging also doesn’t work consistently enough for that to be sensible, though there has been a little motion on this front recently.