Car carrier

i got a idea what is walking around my head for days, vehicle transportation

towing is realy hard in game what use tiles and is turn based and most games have realy buggy towing if they have one

but why tow car when we can load it on other car?
this need new car part, vehicle carrier (cant think better name) a vehicle frame what cant have anything atached and do not colide with other cars or other vehicles do not colide with it

how this work? a vehicle drive on it and if whole vehicle is on carrier parts you can atach it by using car control of carrier vehicle
car part of carried car “attach” to other car and its part of it but parts atached to vehicle carrier frames only add weight but no fuel or power

but how to store car name? what if some frames get damaged enought that car will be disjoined after detachment?

Was suggested almost as much as towing.

All current code assumes at most one vehicle per tile.

It would be easier to add “rigid” towing (ie. towed vehicle turns exactly like the towing one) than carriers.

aka super rigid tow bars.

so any other ideas? towing will be to hard to create but making one car part of another car should be slighty easier

temporary add_to function of some sort for vehichle based around a part that combines two vehichles into one would prob be best option. Still would be some hard coding there.

Or Remote controlled vehicles & maybe even GPS guided vehicles that follows __ spaces behind and __ off axis (± tiles)

or just __ spaces behind and have it center vehichle on lead vehicles center path.

Second option sounds harder on the code though, and less flexible.

Then theres the aisle cart idea I threw out there but thats pretty code heavy as well as best as I can figure, and devs seem to agree.

Unfortunately vehichle towing has been essentially halted by most any potential “fix” requiring hard coding.