Vehicleception - A vehicle storage bay

Everyone knows it is difficult to navigate a city in a large vehicle. I am aware that many of you set up a permanent base and then build a fast-moving, slim vehicle alongside a more bulky one. I myself quite enjoy the nomadic lifestyle. I make a vehicle that resembles a ship on land and just move town-to-town in it, looting as needed. The problem I have is that I have to stop it outside of cities and make several looting trips to clear what I want. I want to change that.

I know how to code well enough for my purposes, but for some reason I have neglected to learn C++ yet. As a result I have not peeked into the core files of the game to see how you guys have everything working. How hard would it be to add in a special frame tile that allows for other vehicle tiles to move on top of them?

Unless the devs are already planning this, I may go ahead and throw some money at a friend of mine to help me complete this goal. Depends on the difficulty of doing so.

An idea I had that would have similar functionality would be to modify the vehicle code to allow existing vehicles to be attached together and also allow for one vehicle to be cut into multiple smaller vehicles.

So in order to make a “vehicle storage bay” build a gantry onto the larger vehicle, then drive the smaller vehicle up to that gantry and connect the two vehicles. Drive to the next town, and disconnect them into mothership and scout craft.

Might be harder to code, but would have added functionality over a dedicated vehicle storage bay.

Alternate alternate idea is to have a towhook that you can attack to a vehicle and use it to tow other vehicles. Could install one on the back of your car to drag a smaller car around, or install one on the front to drag debris cars backward and out of the way.

I also support your idea. These are just some extra ideas.

I was simply trying to think of the simplest possible idea. Not sure how I did not come to the idea of linking two together though, that would most likely be much easier to do.

I’ve wanted something like this for so long. I like having a large armored vehicle for use as my home on wheels, but also something small like a motorcycle for scouting and quickly looting cities. This will let me have both at the same time.

A ‘dirty’ solution for just this I’ve been thinking about is removing the “This frame is attached to something” warning that disallows you to cut one vehicle into two parts. If and when that gets removed I was thinking of attaching smaller throwaway craft to the back of my vehicle and breaking them free as needed.

An actual tow or attachment system however would be beyond awesome. I’d be able to make actual mother-love’n train cars!

The options:
Vehicle bay: I agree this is the simplest solution, it shouldn’t have any impact on vehicle operation other than adding weight. It basically just needs a special frame type, changes to make that frame type act a little differently, and some load/unload code.
Tow point: This would overall be a nicer option, but has complications:
If it just joins the vehicles using the existing code, what you have is a really long rigid vehicle, not a trailer, which is seriously unsatisfying. They’d be seriously unmanuverable, and it just wouldn’t feel like a trailer.
If it acts like an actual tow point, alowing pivoting, it needs some pretty complicated code to determine the orientation of the trailer.

Ideally I’d like support for a vehicle bay as well as tow points, probably vehicle bay first because it’s way simpler.

Yes! Vehicle bays finally!

If this gets added I’m going to have to rebuild the RMCC… just so I can launch a semi from it.

Yes! Vehicle bays finally! = HL3 confirmed


Couldn’t towing be handled mostly with the same code as pulling vehicles on foot?

Have you ever pulled anything other than a 1-tile vehicle for awhile? The system gets a bit difficult if you are trying to move something bigger.