Bike carrier for trucks/cars

I always thought that the cars needed the thing you put on the roof or on the side that is used to put a bike on it. It would be useful if you had a mobile base, you could just deploy the bike for risky scouting operations.

The idea: You drive your bike onto a square next to your car that has the bike carrier. You enter the car and open the menu for headlights and cruise control and you choose the option “Attach vehicle”. The bicycle is now attached to the car and will move along it as it drives. If you want to remove it, you open the options and choose “Detach vehicle”. The bicycle can now be used and moved again.

Problem: You could attach any other vehicle to it.
Solution: Add a weight limit. You could only attach vehicles the weight of a bike or a bit more for modified bicycles. If you attach anything heavier, your vehicle won’t move. Or maybe it could move, but very slowly, like 2km/h (sorry I dont know mph). It would be useful for removing ruined cars or car chassises out of the way.

Problem: Programming, obviously.
Solution: I don’t know shit about programming, so if this idea is impossible, just ignore it.

Yeah or something like a tow truck. It’s very annoying sometimes if you have to go back to collect your car in case you found another one that you like for example.

Frame x 2, the crank and controls and two wheels? C’mon…
I have a nice three-wheeler that’s very versatile but somehow heavy to carry around; I paid mind on making it as light as the engine allows, but I liked it with bulky wheels so being that, I doubt that a simple pin would suffice.
It’d be nice if there was a way to fit two back wheels on a car chassis (takes some time) and weld the front of it onto the back of your vehicle. Dunno if it’s really a possibility, though.

I’m guessing this will be a long ways away, right now you couldn’t have an NPC passenger in your car, you’d run them over as soon as you started moving, let alone carrying another vehicle. Probably serious programming hurtles involved.

I suppose the best you can do is have the vehicle disassembled and stored in the trunk.

Well yes, you can carry it in the trunk, but it’s a pain to assemble and disassemble a bike or customized bike when you just want to drive through a town to scout it out without risking your mobile base.

Passing over the programming stage and looking at the crafting stage I think this would be fairly easy.

I think that the speed of the car should not drop down to single digit numbers. I think that the new car weight should just be added to the current car weight, and let the hard programming do all the heavy lifting. (I think that the programming defines the acceleration and max speed based on weight, among other factors.)

In the car creation menu, after headlights and roof and all that you could have an option for tow.

Tools: (already programmed into the crafting menu):
1 powered welder
1 wrench
2 chains or 1 30ft rope.
1 controls

Any objections?
Mind you that this all happens after the programmers smash their heads into the wall about it.

I wasn’t really thinking about towing, but I think that would be cool too. You could tow other vehicles to a public works building, dissassemble them and make your very own death machine.

sounds like a good idea. I wish i could carry a quadbike in the back of my death truck, theres enough room to bring 2 i think :stuck_out_tongue: