Can we drag a vehicle with another Vehicle?

eg. Can we drag a moto with a RV ?


I know this should not be here, but it would be awesome to be able to drag a car with an steel chain or something. You could drag them with a rope too, but big vehicles could break it. And it would go slower.

I concur; even a hitch system would be awesome.

LOL…when I see #223 I think it is wonderful!

“Vehicle drag code, allows grabbing an adjacent vehicle and pulling it around with you if it is light enough. (commit: 0600d8ca8307969876d5af49885451ddd2783929) — kevin.granade / detail”

but now i know i can only drag a shopping cart with “@” self…

Catacannon recipe:
Acquire a towing cable. A great length of it. Boost your car with a V8 superengine. Carefully place a Car Chassis on the pavement in between two houses on oposing sides of the street, just behind the edge of each house. Secure one end of the cable on a house wall, the other on the bottom-frame of your vehicle. Make sure the length of the cable is enough, and slowly drive behind the second house. Hit the breaks, and shove the gas pedal to the metal. Release the brakes.