Throwing rocks and others at mines to clear them off

Is this already possible? It could take a throwing skill check.

Anti-personnel mines are ridiculously hard to disarm, either by digging them up or purposefully setting them off. While it doesn’t take a lot of pressure, that pressure has to be in the right spot, and it would take more than a small rock hitting the ground above it after being thrown across a short horizontal distance.

Short answer: no, and no. There are already ways to ‘disarm’ mines - let zombies walk on them. Otherwise, they can be ignored or left until your trapping skill’s at 99.

Throwing things at mines wouldn’t work to disarm them, but being able to chunk something heavy at a trip wire would be a neat addition.

You could also make mines into a few different types. Makeshift ones might be able to be disarmed this way, and then the manufactured mines can be split into anti personnel mines, which only activate if a mob walks over them, and anti vehicle, which only go off if a vehicle goes over them.

edit: To be honest, trapping might benefit from being able to have different kind of triggers. A little more granularity wouldn’t hurt. Bear traps only going off on larger animals, being able to set your traps to not trigger on vermin and so forth.

IIRC, right now the game only has the anti-personel kind of mine, an anti-tank mine that can only be triggered by a heavy enough vehicle would be neat.

Yeah, I think that’d be really cool. Down the road they could be used for abandoned checkpoints and roadblocks.

Silent stare

While I can’t see throwing something at a mine to detonate it working 100% of the time… Why not shooting it?

Because a landmine is designed to be hard to disable. They use explosives that won’t get set of by impact like that, and are equiped with a trigger that is made to only go off when a person, not a small animal or a large vehicle, is over them.

How about other explosives, like grenades?

No. Mine Clearing charges, such as long ropes of C4 are commonly used to clear minefields. These are really big bangs. (Here’s a good example of one. As a result there are antipersonnel charges designed to foil that as well. To properly destroy a mine you’d need to take the time to set up a proper disposal charge. You might be able to dislodge it or toss it out of the way though with a big bang, which is what happens a lot with mine clearing charges.

Nubs. So I guess I’ll be throwing C4 at mines now…

[size=14pt]What if you just weld a bunch of shopping carts together and drag it over the mine field.
I haven’t done this since I just pick up the mines and use the 100 million first aid kits I have afterwards.

It could work in practice. Some1 try this lul.

Also, yes we need anti-tank mines.
Yes we need to have home-made land mines.
Yes we need remote controls to activate them if the zombie moves diagonally.

That wouldn’t work, anti personnel mines are made to avoid things like that, much in the way they’re now being made to avoid mine clearing explosives. A shopping cart isn’t a human foot.


The problem is that these mines are set off by cars anyway, so the “sensitive mines” excuse doesn’t work.

Which is why there should be more types of mines.

No, tank mines would be cheap as hell. You’re just driving along some stretch of road and suddenly boom, game over.

Plausible maybe, but makes for shitty and frustrating gameplay.

Well, they don’t have to be actually spawned in the world. Something to find at bases, in bunkers and such. They might be useful in the future when there’s NPC’s that can drive and such, after all.

I was under the impression that vehicles with wide wheels wouldn’t set off mines period. But that might just be because I haven’t driven over many minefields. It would be nice to have a more modular trap crafting system, so you could (a)pply any trigger to any kind of triggerable item (shotgun, crossbow, grenade, c-4, mininuke…) to make it into a makeshift mine.

Can you do that with trip wires?

Yeah, I think this would probably be fine.