Throwing Mines

Rig a landmine with a suicide trigger and a killswitch mechanism to turn them from stationary traps to ranged explosives. Flat circular body means extra throwing distance.

The function is virtually identical to the acid bomb, save for the possibility of exploding when put in one’s inventory (when they aren’t holding down the correct button). Activate to arm the suicide trigger, which you presumably hold down. Upon release, the mine waits a very short time before arming itself as a regular landmine, which then explodes upon being sufficiently jostled or otherwise tripped. The killswitch allows you to re-activate it and safely disarm the device, so you don’t accidentally kill yourself when you try to put it in your bag, or be forced to throw it and waste your valuable explosive.

Sufficient skill is required to rig these things, of course. No one wants to blow their arm off because they didn’t wire the suicide trigger correctly.

Enjoy playing the most lethal game of frisbee with your local deceased wildlife.

maybe 6 traping skill should be good to give new throwable land mine recipe

alslo im not sure if i fully understand you
after you activate and fuse go down it will turn into active regular landmine or explode? or maybe randomly activate or explode (depends how it lands on ground?)

And these would serve which purpouse in players arsenal?

They would serve as the death firsbee which has been a painfully vacant spot in our arsenal.

Practically an explode on impact grenade if I’m reading right. Should be useful.

Effect-on-throw isn’t properly implemented yet. For example, molotov actually drops as an item and only explodes at the end of the turn.

Throwing is generally quite a bit of a hack right now. When it is cleaned up, things like impact thrown grenades will be quite easy to add.