Is there any way to trigger landmines remotely besides the incredibly tactic of luring enemies on them?

Dealing with landmine patches can be real risky trying to just disable them by hand or trying to lure enemies on them.
Is there any way I can clean up the roads like throwing objects on hem? If not I think there should be like throwing sufficiently heavy objects on top of them, especially for the mines that aren’t even covered.
I know you could always just go around it but that the detours can sometimes be just as risky as running through the minefield

I’m no explosives expert, but if you were to throw something heavy enough to detonate a landmine, wouldn’t you probably be a little too close to the explosion to begin with? Maybe could you shoot them from a safer distance?

Trowing rocks worked some time ago.

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It also did recently :slight_smile:

We really need a metal detector in the game


Nah, perception 10 bro!

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Throwing rocks will detonate them in my experience, you can also manually do it with your traps skill but one fuck up and it’s game over. I’ve never had a character survive a detonation at ground zero.

You can run them over if you have spare wheels/tracks on your vehicle.
I kind of wish there was a proper bulldozer blade or those chain flail things they put on the front of tanks in the game though, would probably be fairly effective vs zombies too.

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you’d be surprised how far humans can actually throw heavy things if they tried. ever heard of caber toss?

In fact one of the things scientists think allowed us to move up the food chain is our ability to throw things like rocks

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yes, but that is only useful if you’re trying to avoid landmines, instead of trying to remove them from a road you need to cross

Nah if you can spot em you can trow boulders at them.

A good point about people being able to throw heavy things, but trying to flip a log mid-air and dropping a suitably heavy object onto a precise point are two different things.

Assuming all mines in game are anti personnel and not anti tank, you would need between 15-20 lbs of pressure to trip the detonator depending on the type. (German S-mines, or bouncing Betties, needed about 7kg where US M14 blast mine needs about 9kg)

Given the blast radius, I believe it would be difficult to safely throw a 20lb object from far enough away to a precise point to safely detonate a mine by throwing something at it. Beyond the blast radius, there is the shrapnel cone. I would imagine even if you do manage to set off a mine and stay out of the explosion itself, you wouldn’t be able to get beyond the range of shrapnel. -Maybe- if you hunkered behind a tree, you might be spared any injury, but you didn’t mention using trees as cover, you mentioned chunking them into the air.

And sure, our ability to throw objects did allow our early ancestors to expand their food base, but they weren’t throwing logs or 15-20lb rocks at 8oz birds or 2lb squirrels. Any larger animals weren’t hunted with a handful of rocks, but maybe kept at bay or shooed away by them and any larger stones would have probably only been picked up to finish off larger game already incapacitated by a spear or club.

It’s how real men hunt! Who needs sling when you can chuck a boulder? Who needs pansy spears when you chuck a log at your prey?

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