Triggering Traps Idea

So there I was, having just come outside my base with nothing but a pipe and a rock I picked up off the ground. Directly next to my base was an array of traps and land mines a short distance away. All those parts would’ve been really helpful, if I could just find some way to deal with them without dying.

Impressed by how many little things are coded, I wondered :Can I throw a rock and trigger the traps?

I was disappointed to find out this didn’t seem to work.

Really, being able to trigger traps by throwing a rock at them or something should be a possibility, imo.

I vaguely remember this coming up before and it being a tricky one as most traps would be very difficult to trigger by throwing a rock at them. Disarming traps is possible though, and it’s easier than forcing a player to take a rock over and drop it on a trap to trigger it (which wouldn’t be what you would want to do with some traps anyway)

What if there was a minimum volume/weight needed to trigger each trap?

I think there already is. You can trigger traps by driving vehicles over them. At least with landmines you can. See if you can’t make a wooden frame and push it onto the traps.

I always thought vehicles were just a special case when triggering traps

That would make sense. My point is more: a character may not have the skill to disarm traps, but may not want to leave them there either. Being able to trigger them afar is fairly realistic, if imperfect, and not every trap would really be able to do this.

That said, I do wish traps like the shotgun and crossbow ones had a ‘direction’ they had to face, too.