Japanese weapon martial art?

Does anyone have an opinion on the possibility of adding a Japanese weapon martial art for use with katanas, wakizashis, and nodachis(among some other things).
I’m thinking kenjutsu.

That makes sense, and I would assume it’s a planned feature. If anyone wants to code those in I don’t think anyone would object.

ninjutsu work with katana

I called kenjutsu by name over on Bay12. Kendo might be acceptable but it’s a sport rather than combat form.

Ninjutsu doesn’t have any weapon techs, but gives buffs that work with any weapon. I’ve suggested introducing Savate, filing it as a second-tier MA (for that matter, Boxing might fit there if we’ve no Savate folks around), and reworking Ninjutsu to be a weapon art instead.

IMO Ninjutsu shouldn’t favor the katana and should have no use for a nodachi. Ninjas can use any weapon needed, but should be trained with the concealable and quick ones.


Side note (not something that needs to happen at any particular point): I’d like to see more of the combat/sport distinction in MA: styles that improve your attack/speed, but leave you more open to outside attacks, since they’re designed for regulated, 1v1 tournament competition rather than streetfighting. (So don’t use them in the middle of a horde.) Zui Quan, Brawling, Ninjutsu, and KM would be examples of styles designed for combat, whereas Boxing, Fencing, and possibly Muay Thai are designed more for sport use. The rest seem reasonably applicable to either scenario.

What about Niten Ichi-ryū or some other specific school of traditional kenjutsu? They are much more practical for combat than kendo. Niten Ichi-ryū specifically has techniques for katanas, wakizashis, and I believe nodachis, but I need to read more to confirm the last.

Not planning on getting any more specific than ‘kenjutsu’. Otherwise someone go for it.

Great idea.