The Slimed Status + Nausea

So, an Ambeotic Slime decided to climb into my mega rig whilst I was turning Zombo meat into blobs for preservation. Bastard was super annoying to kill since I had just barely survived a Zombo horde /w Skelly Hulks and more, so I couldn’t catch the darn thing for a bit. End up getting slimed by it, and eventually got so annoyed with it coming around giving me a slime hug that I ran the thing over with my rig after I could never pin it down with my fists long enough to finish the job.

I’m now three days in with a Slimed status, which I haven’t been able to get rid of despite stripping and jumping into a large water pool for a half-hour swim. I wouldn’t care much about the speed modifier and whatnot since the leg’s broken at the moment and I’m chilling anyhow, but I’m also getting frequent notifications of Nausea. Since it’s the Exp. Version for .E, I am not certain if there’s any added effects to this slimy business. Since health’s presently at -200 after the drug cocktails I had to binge to survive that near-death encounter with a horde, I -do- want to know if I need to B-line a hopsital Guns blazing to eat all the meds or not. Anti-Parasite meds, Antibiotics, etc had no effects.

I’d be happy if the character is just grossed the hell out by being covered in, effectively, green snot.

Since the Ambeotic slimes have a metric ton of health, I am aware I’m in for a good spell of being covered in this stuff. Looking to see if the Nausea should have me worried with my present health scenario.

As far as I know, there’s not much to worry about. Nausea is a side effect of beeing slimed.
The effect of getting slimed stacks, unfortunatly…
I’ve once got poisoned by the gases of a bloated Zombie while debugging (invincibility) something near it, and kept the “Badly Poisoned” status for over an ingame year…

Since it seems you’ve invested a great amount of time to get into that hospital, you technically should’ve got rid of the slimed and nausea statuses by now.

The Slimed effect lasted almost three weeks and caused me to have to eat 3-4x more than normal to not starve to death since I’d just vomit any-everything due to the debuff. Regardless, it went away as I was waging war against that Hospital and my character’s health returned to +10 after a diet of multivitamins and Dandelion tea for 20 days.

The effects of a liquid diet made manifest.

Overall, it would appear that getting Slimed or Boomered inflicts nausea. Honestly, makes sense if you’re getting covered in snot, stomach bile, or… worse.

Determination, nothing to worry about if you aren’t troubled with having to sleep covered with snot that doesn’t come off for a few weeks. Yeuch.