EMP Grenade vs Shockers?

So, I am dead determined to raid a Hospital. Only one problem, there is almost 30 Shocker Zombies/Brutes in there and I’ve nearly died twice escaping from that horrible cluster of ZAP.

My character is Unarmed or Bust.

With Metal Knuckles, I’ve beaten down shockers before through grit and determination.

Presently, I want that anesthesia to start adding my CBMs into my brain, so I can’t molly and bust the doors down.

Question is, will a lovingly tossed EMP grenade have an effect on these lovely little zappers, or am I going to have to put my life on the line each time to thin the pack by one or two zaps per 200 health spent?

By the Laws of the Cataclysm, I -will- be getting that Hospital loot.

Also, side note, those Acid Boomers would have been terrifying, since I encountered it in closed quarters, if I wasn’t armed 100% in Chitan shells from some Black Widows.

Hoooh boy this Hospital is a nightmare. There’s got to be almost 200 Zombos in here, and the horde gets even more angry when I start cutting into it.

Last raid cost me an arm and my last Adr shot getting out of there.

why didnt you burn a nearby building? great noise to lure and trap for killing that amount of zombies

Already tried plenty of noise to get them out. You have to go into the bowls in order to lure the horde, and the darn bastards sink right back inside once I escape.

It’s a tough nut to crack since this is about honor and pride more so than the loot itself. I refuse to be beaten off of a prize. I’ve spent almost 2 weeks in game challenging this behemoth.

As far as I know an EMP only works on the incandescent husk variety of shock zed, which disables their electric aura for a while but they can still do the usual shock zed douchetry.

Tried and tested, almost never fails method of hospital clearing. Find a road roller or other large vehicle that works, fill it with fuel, park outside on the road, honk horn, wait until they line up outside of hospital, proceed to make zombie pancakes.

It’s risky but you can also try a firewall method. Make a wall of fire on the road and simply conga line everyone into it. The apparent amount of shockers you’ve described though makes we worry for your character’s longevity in using a firewall, mostly because they limit your movement and ability to take action should you accidentally set yourself on fire due to this.

I don’t know if this helps or not, but if one of the CBMs you want to install (or already have installed) is the dulled senses CBM, you won’t ever need any more anesthesia. Found that bit out with my bioweapon character. Aside from the auto doc, it leaves hospitals less worthwhile. If you have high first aid, you may not even need the auto doc either.

Depending on the version @Scipio_Merc plays on, he must use an autodoc, unless he acivate(d) the “Manual Bionic Installation” mod. High first aid skill is advised anyway, unless the “Safe Autodoc” is in place.

As far as I know, EMP grenades don’t affect Zombies, not even the Shockers.

The moral of the story after testing is that the EMP grenade, one, goes off upon impact which caught me off guard, and, two, only knocked out the electric aura of the AOE shocker variant. I’m not certain if perhaps it resets the Shocker zombie tick to send out a bolt, but I still received bolt attacks during my several raids into the facility.

After raid 4, I can say I finally succeeded in my mission. There was only 1 jar of the good stuff, the Anesthesia, within the whole facility in the end. Perhaps there was more, but after encountering a ‘Fire-boomer’ zombie that caused a massive plume of fire to erupt in the Hospital, that was the end of the game figuratively as I had to bail whilst totally covered in blisters from the heat.

Dealt with the Shockers with a dose of opioids and good old fashioned fists. It may take 4-10 days to heal my burns from them afterwards, but if you take one or two out each raid, they run out eventually.

Mission accomplished gents.

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Ouch. For future such raids: It’s possible to build a faraday suit with the right skills and materials which can protect you from the shock. Might be something to consider if one insists upon melee rather than sniping from afar.

I heard that the suit that drps from the hazard zombie (the yellow one) negates pretty much the shockers

Not the Cleansuit :crazy_face: ! But I think I know what you mean. Talking in colors might be a bad idea though, as tilesets may result in some… fatal missunderstandings.
There was an old reddit post about this I’ve stumbled on a few days back, since I wanted to shockproof myself to destroy a sparking generator in a lab. It states, there are only 4 suits that will resist electricity fully (unless touching the Zombies with some conductive materials).
One’s the Faraday shark suit, which has to be crafted from the shark suit that only spawns really, really rarly at a pawn shop and was/is in itself not craftable, than the Hazmat suit (that yellow one you’ve talked about) and the ANBC suit. Last but not least, all types of power armor (technically 3).
There’s also a bionic, the “Dielectric Capacitance System CBM”, which will protect you from being electrocuted.

Edit: Added source (link to post) and corrected some wrong informations.
A fresher look at the json files and the source code shows the following:
You’ll get protection by

  1. wearing clothing with the “ELECTRIC_IMMUNE” flag (“This gear completely protects you from electric discharges.”),
  2. having the bionic “Dielectric Capacitance System CBM” in your body,
  3. having an appropiate artifact which will protect you,

  4. having the debug “EFFECT_ELECTRIC_IMMUNE” flag on your character.

The possible wearables to protect you are:

  • light power armor, basic power armor, heavy power armor [TORSO, ARMS, HANDS, LEGS, FEET]
  • faraday shark suit [HEAD, TORSO, ARMS, HANDS, LEGS, FEET]
  • RM13 combat armor (on) [HEAD, EYES, MOUTH, TORSO, ARMS, HANDS, LEGS, FEET]
  • phase immersion suits (on) [HEAD, EYES, MOUTH, TORSO, ARMS, HANDS, LEGS, FEET]
  • faraday chainmail suit [HEAD, TORSO, ARMS, HANDS, LEGS, FEET]
  • hazmat suit [HEAD, TORSO, ARMS, HANDS, LEGS, FEET]
  • Hub 01 enviromental suit [HEAD, TORSO, ARMS, HANDS, LEGS, FEET]

(C.R.I.T Expansion Mod:)

  • CRIT gasmask (on) [EYES, MOUTH]
  • CRIT EM vest (on) [TORSO, ARMS, LEGS]

(Aftershock mod:)

  • hazardous environment suit [TORSO, ARMS, HANDS, LEGS, FEET]

Note: Only covered parts of the body will be protected from electric arcs, you’ll need full cover to be unaffected (not sure about the EYES/MOUTH, also not sure about the HEAD, as power armor doesn’t protect the head and there isn’t a ELECTRIC_IMMUNE tag on the helmets - would need some testing).
I’ve also checked for copy-from tags - there weren’t any relevant ones, which means that this list can be seen as “complete” (for now and not including external mods).

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RM13 combat armour when it’s turned on too.

In general, I’m avoiding power armor this run in order to really push my limits. I knocked this character’s perception to the very bare limits and bumped up strength to the limits at the expense of other traits and what have you.

I still collect all the guns I find, mostly for RP reasons and the fact I enjoy looking at an actual armory worth of guns. I think I have collected almost 300 firearms and over a hundred thousand rounds of ammunition at this point.

It amuses me.

But what amuses me more is having slain almost 3,000 Zombies with my fists clad in Chitin gauntlets and Steel Knuckles.

Now that I’ve put in bionic muscles from this raid, I can nab a base damage of 50 per punch, and see over 100 with a critical.

Overall, I’m finding that Zappers are something I’ll just have to live with. I need serious armor at this point due to the Zombos having developed into their later stages of evolution. I saw a Skelly hulk recently, nearly died from the horde of 30 zombos that joined him with a necromancer to attack me. Popped Adr and Meth cola, charged in, and had to flee with broken limbs.

I strongly recommend the unarmed playstyle to cata vets. It is BRUTAL(ly fun).

One’s that Faraday shark suit @Shadowdweller01 mentioned, which used to only spawn really, really rarly and not being craftable (maybe still the case?),

The faraday chainmail suit is fully craftable. It IS a bit of a chore to do so, though.

You’re right, sorry. I realized this while working on the full list of protective clothing and removed some of the wrong information in this sentence, but missed that bit.
I’ll change that when I’m done checking the source code for “copy-from”'s, just to make sure I didn’t miss any clothing.