So, I have a problem, Badly Poisoned isn't going away

Hey Gents and Gentladies of the Apoc,

I’ve got a… rather distressing issue here.

As we likely all know, the poison boomer is nasty, it poisons you, and then it goes away.

Yeah!.. Except this time it isn’t…

I’ve got a lot of health, over 100, but my torso is quickly falling below 30 and this is getting serious fast. I’ve tried emergency oxygen, all the anti-meds, fungicides and herbal materials. This poison is quickly threatening a more than 300-day run and I’m pretty sure it’s a bug in the matrix.

If anyone has a solution to this Badly Poisoned issue that doesn’t involve CBMs, feel free to let me know. I’ve got a ton of mats on hand to whip up just about any cocktail I need to, I just need something that can end badly poisoned so me, and my NPC, don’t drop dead to a poisoned condition that should have gone away after eating about 10 health.

Please, and thank you.

The continued conquest of the Cataclysm with fists thanks you for your insights~

If, of course, this -is- part of the game, not a bug, and a sure death sentence. I’ll light a smoke, prepare as many explosives I can, and go out in a blaze of glory driving in my mega-rig.

However, if this isn’t an intended death sentence, a bug, and there isn’t a cure I can whip up without artifacts or installing CBMs, do let me know.

If this is a bug and I can’t get out of this without artifacts or CBMs, the Debug instructions to remove Badly Poisoned from myself and my compatriot NPC would be appreciated.

I seem to keep seeing people with effects that have no limit, and last near forever - or long enough that it might as well be forever. Hell, I even had a run into the same problem when I accidentally drove into a burning house and was above damage-taking-temperatures for about 5 hours which is just barely not lethal. I also remember seeing a post about being slimed for a week or two, somebody being blinded by an eye for a crazy amount of time, and more. It’s a complicated issue for sure, and I’m not sure of the answer, though perhaps either making some effects not stack or putting limits on those effects are the solution.

Many of those effects stack with the health of the attacker, and your burn was likely you not stripping your close after being critically burned. It still takes a few hours before higher-tier burns lessen.

What I’m hunting here is any actual cure for the Badly Poisoned modifier.

Boomer or Slim jelly can be toweled off and smoke can be oxygened out of your lungs.

If this is a bug, which it seems like it is, I either need a Vanilla cure that doesn’t involve CBMs or instructions to use the Debug menu to manually debug this issue.

Well according to the infamously outdated wiki…

Time to prepare the explosives, wait, check the debug, and then pull the pin.

I’ll wait it out until the health goes into the single digits, consider my options, and then either pull the pin or debug my way out.

Anyone with opinions, feel free to chip in.

A tragic way for champion of the Cataclysm to go out, slowly dying of a weak poison over the course of nine days.

There’s no hives nearby to get a honeycomb, and the risks of taking damage in the Labs would likely be game over the moment a shocker shows up.

I’m not sure which mod it is, but one of them has a crafting recipe for the jelly. You should check to see if you can craft it.

You can craft it in vanilla with bleach and honey comb.

I don’t have any honeycomb because I’ve not yet encountered a hive.

Made an account just to say I’d rather see ya debug in the royal jelly in rather than go out in a blaze of glory! (At least from something so silly!)

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Ah. I believe I got honey comb from somewhere other than a hive, though what exactly that was is still a mystery to me.


The Cataclysm hasn’t claimed me yet boys and girls~!

I had the Sporatic CBM, and so I drank my tea, knocked myself out cold, and slept the poison out of my system!!!

Not today Cataclysm!!!

Not. Today!

Cheers to the folks chipping in. Almost an anti-climax with how taking a nap solved all the world’s woes.

I just wanted to see if my character could out-heal the poison in its sleep since I have the Regeneration mutation. I popped some Bandages and Disinfect on the torso and planned to continue experimenting to see if I couldn’t out-heal the poison.

Turned out, updating the game to the latest version and taking a nap was all I needed to not die.

Not today Cataclysm~